Some Handy Tips For Wallpapering A Bedroom

Some Handy Tips For Wallpapering A Bedroom

A lot of homes opt for decorating to improve the existing interior or even opt for a complete transformation of a room. One of the easiest ways is to paint a wall as provided the preparation has been done, a wall can look very clean and brighter. In some cases, wallpaper is a preferred option for decorating. Some home owners opt for wallpaper to transform a room into a room with a feature wall.

Regardless of if you are decorating with paint or paper, there are points you need to think about before you start. Wallpapering requires planning to make sure your do not overspend (or underestimate) the number of rolls required.

Work out the number of Wallpaper Rolls
The quickest way to work out how many rolls you will need is to look at the repeating pattern. Every wallpaper design has one that will stretch across a couple of rolls. Measure the height of your room and add the length of the pattern repeat.  The standard length of roll is 10m long so then divide 10m to see how many drops you will get out on rolls. Why purchasing your wallpaper, check that the store will take unopened rolls. Most stores will, but it is always best to check before you purchase.

Batch Numbers
When you purchase your wallpaper, make sure the batch numbers are exactly the same on each roll. Especially if you are purchasing from a store as occasionally rolls can be mistakenly placed back on different shelves and you will end up with different wallpaper patterns. Different shades of wallpaper will mean a different batch number, so even the slightest shade difference will have a different number.

Prepare and Remove Fittings
Wallpapering is best done when the rolls can be pasted straight onto the walls whilst they are still wet with the wallpaper paste. If you start and half way up have to stop to cut around a shelf, this will result in the glue drying and the job taking longer. Remove all fittings on the wall first. If you have curtains remove them and the fixings. Leave a matchstick or equally thin piece of wood in the hole so you can locate the fixing hole quickly when the decorating is finished.

Turn off the electrics before you start loosening the light switches and sockets. Wallpapering to these sockets will not look as professional as placing them back on the wallpaper once finished.

Trim The Excess Wallpaper
When you are hanging the wallpaper, there will be cuts and excess as you measure up to the pattern. Ensure that you trim the excess of the wallpaper before you paste and hang the sheets. This will make the job slightly easier as you will have less weight to hang first.

Make it Straight
One if the most important points to hanging the wallpaper is to make sure it is straight. This needs to be done with the very first sheet. Mark out a line with a spirit level and pencil and it is critical that the first sheet is straight and the others will follow on.

Jacey is a home improvement enthusiast and writes on behalf of Doors Direct, who are specialists in providing sliding wardrobe doors for all your bedroom interior décor.

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