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We all long for a clean house for many reasons, from simply showing it off to the neighbours, or for achieving a better sale price or simply because it helps make us more productive and creates a state of order! However, do you ever feel that you house still isn’t “clean”? In this post we will run through some basic tips on how to add some extra shine and sparkle to your cleaning routine.

Take it on bit by bit:
See the next time you are doing a bit of day dreaming, why not pick up the hoover and actually do just a bit of cleaning? Rather than tackling the entire workload on your day off, why not cross it off bit-by-bit throughout the week? Just a little bit of cleaning can make a huge difference to your state of mind.

One of the best ways to ensure you keep a clean home is to clean straight away. Just used the hob? Then wipe it. Just left the bathroom? Then wipe the sink down with a cloth. It’s micro cleaning, and it really minimises your workload towards the end of the week.

Clean Your Mirrors:
You probably have mirrors located all over your house – clean them! Don’t worry about buying mirror wipes, simply use an old newspaper and some vinegar; trust me, it will do the trick! By just cleaning your mirrors (properly), you can really give you house that bit of extra shine.

Sticker Marks:
Have you tried using eucalyptus oil to remove the unwanted residue left by blu tac or stickers? It works really well and again, can make a huge difference to the overall presentation of your home.

Pre-treat surfaces and stubborn stains!
Ever find yourself working away for 10 minutes trying to remove a tough stain? Rather than waste your time, pre-treat the sink, surfaces and toilets so that the cleanser you use makes a bit of a head start and you can focus on other tasks like de-cluttering while the cleanser gets to work.

Use a shower spray!
Showers are havens for grime – use a shower spray on a daily basis, or rather each time you use the shower, and you will really minimise the amount of time you have to spend cleaning. It will keep your shower looking fantastic all the time.

Put on the music:
Want to make the whole cleaning process go a LOT faster? Then put on some music – in fact, don’t just put it on but blast it out. There’s no greater motivator for getting the cleaning done than a bit of music, it will really help you shave time off.

Do the worst room first:
Lastly, avoid starting with the easiest task – waiting to tackle the messiest room will simply leave you feeling a sense of dread throughout the entire process, focus on the worst room first and pre-clean as much as possible.

There are lots of things you can do to minimise the amount of time you have to spend cleaning, but really it all comes down to taking on the task bit by bit and fitting it into your daily routine.

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