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The Sony Xperia Z came out as one of the top selling Smartphones this year. However, it does not come cheap. It is possible that the manufacturing company wanted to make some of its features available to a wider audience, which is why the Sony Xperia L was born. The Xperia L is the Xperia Z’s smaller and cheaper sibling, classified as a device lying somewhere between the range of budget and mid-market phones.

Sony Xperia L – Sony Xperia Z’s Smaller and Cheaper Siblingimage source:

The Xperia Z costs roughly the same as the Google Nexus 4, another outstanding Smartphone. This sibling of the Xperia Z is also the cheapest of all the other models in the Xperia family line, even cheaper than the Xperia SP. If this low price excited you and you want to give it a try, by all means do so. But before you do, check this review first, especially if you will be using it mainly for business. This review will help you determine whether it will indeed be a great addition to your business or if you should invest your money on a more establish telecoms platform, such as the RingCentral business phone.

Sony Xperia L Build and Design Quality

While the Sony Xperia L is being marketed with the name Xperia Z next to it, its build and design quality are a lot more similar to that of the Sony Xperia T and the Sony Xperia J. It is visually appealing and slender, despite of the phone’s border surrounding its display screen. With its weight at 137g and thickness being 9.7mm, it is only slightly heavier than the Samsung Galaxy S4. However, it does not feel as nice as the top selling Galaxy S4.

This is mainly because of the Smartphone’s plastic construction and arched back. The rear cover of the handset is flimsy, which means that if you remove it, the phone will easily bend out of shape. Additionally, the inexcusably subpar construction of the phone makes it hard to create a strong and durable seal around its rear.

Sony Xperia L Display Screen

In terms of display screen quality, the Sony Xperia L again, disappoints. Yes, its screen is bright, but it does not mean that it is already sharp. Despite of the fact that this Smartphone is somewhere around the mid-market and the budget category, you will be able to find other models from competitors that offer both higher levels of brightness and sharpness. The 4.3-inch touchscreen display features only 854 by 480 pixel resolution. For its price, the quality of the display screen is passable, but again, you will be better off with other Smartphones.

Sony Xperia L Overall Performance

One nice thing about the Xperia L is its overall performance. It specifications, which include a 1 GHz dual core CPU and a RAM of 1 GB, may come as a surprise, since the phone does not have major problems when it comes to speediness. Some may think of this as a major letdown, but if you take into consideration the price of the handset and the fact that it performs quite well, then you can say that, as cliché as it may sound, you will get what you pay for. Something that is worth noting is that these are the same specifications that you will find in the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things about the Sony Xperia L that does not appeal to the majority of consumers. Some may say that it is still a nice piece of device, especially with its price. But if you compare the Xperia L with the other Smartphones of the same category, classification, and price, this latest release from Sony definitely ranks low.