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Here, we will discuss about the significance of having southwestern rugs for your home. In fact, southwestern area rugs are sure to make your room appear charismatic with their presence. Read further to find out how.

Southwestern area rugs can provide a cozy ambience to your room. This distinct look of these rugs dates back to the Native Americans, who used to weave these since 18th century. Down the years since their inception, southwestern area rugs have become highly popular across the world for their western and rustic appeal.

Southwestern rugs during their initial years of inception were used as blankets that the user could wear around his/her shoulders. During the ancient times, the southwestern tribal people made use of hand-spun thread of cotton for weaving purposes. Later during the 1500s, colonists of Spain introduced local wool of Churro sheep and thereafter, people primarily started utilizing wool to make these magnificent rugs.

Southwestern rugs are also referred to as Native American rugs in some parts of the world. These rugs have astonishing colors and patterns reflecting striking hard work and artisanship of the weavers. Of all the patterns and designs available, country and floral themed southwestern area rugs are the most popular.

You have the options to choose from spirit rugs to Navajo rugs. These types are apt for placing in your living room. A few of these types of rugs can go well if placed outdoors too. If you are looking to get southwestern rugs for outdoors, then those having patterns of flowers and grass will be awesome pick.

To get a traditional look for your home, these rugs are simply the best. Besides the option of placing them outdoors, you may also consider to place them in your home library or guest room area. There are certain types, which are apt for home office or study rooms. You can even consider these for your porch or patio. So, leave the onlookers or visitors spell-bounded by placing these rugs on your pathways or passageways.

Owning these types of area rugs not just gives you a proud feeling, but it even promotes the rich Native American culture towards creating such wonderful area rugs.

The decision of choosing a type is dependent on your preferences and taste as well as on your home décor’s style. For instance, if you prefer a western ambience for your home, then these types of rugs will blend quite well with your entire room through their ancient and rustic feel and enigma.

Some Tips to Maintain Southwestern Rugs:
Flip and wipe your rug on a regular basis to prevent wear and tear as well as to keep it safe from carpet beetles and bugs. Be cautious while handling and avoid spilling any liquid or other such thing on your rug. In the event of a spill out, make sure that you clean it before the stain gets permanent. Consider vacuuming it or send the rug to an expert for cleaning purposes if you cannot handle the cleaning chores. Also, avoid placing these rugs near plants, as they may lose their sheen if exposed to moisture.

Keep these pointers in mind and you are all set to keep your rug new as ever for years to come. Southwestern rugs if chosen with proper considerations and planning can surely add that missing charm and beauty in any home.

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