Specifically Designed Portable Stereo For Dockable iPods

The Emerson iTone iP550 Portable Stereo is one of the best systems for iPods that weighs 7 pounds and measures 11.8 x 5.5 x 6.5 inches. This device can place a heavy mass of power into the radio easily. This product is easy to carry and still capable to sound like a great system with its 2.5 inch speakers of boom box. The two long-range speakers offer a digital boost system (DBS) that is specifically designed for dockable iPods.

Moreover, the Emerson iTone iP550 Portable Stereo System is lightweight with a handle. This portable radio is available in the most demanded colours like black or silver along with superb illuminated LCD display, a digital clock and with inimitable remote control option. The price of this labelled iTone stero system is $37.90 and it works well as an iPod dock, because of its dockable station with digital AM / FM tuner. As compared to its competitors, this terrific stereo system proffers maximum 20 presets for tuning stations, 10 for each FM and AM stations respectively. When it comes to iPod connectivity, this device is made with some amazing specifications which prefer it among its competitors because some of them with “dockable” decks do not facilitate older models of iPods. Its auxiliary input enables it to connect with older iPods, MP3 players for different music delivery formats.

Furthermore, despite of its size, this technologically advance machine has a stereo headphone jack, to ovoid the inconvenience of others in inappropriate situations. On purchase, you can get 120 AC power adapter with this proficient device but you would need to buy separate 8 x C batteries for its hassle free use. At-the-same-time, this smart device remains energy efficient if the radio runs on batteries but it will stop the iPod charging, so it is fairly instinctive. The best thing about this device is that there is no risk of any chief disadvantages so it makes your purchasing decision handy. But instead of its all outstanding features, it does not facilitate usage of CD-R or CD-RW that is sometimes customers may requires so it is its negative aspect.

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In addition, certain limitations may occur while using this device because of its remote relating features. The remote can only facilitate the options of on or off powering, switching bands, varying volume and songs skipping. The ability of shuffling songs or organizing play lists would be an attractive speciality of this smart technically modern machine. Though,  this stereo system would be a great choice of any music lover, still it does not have storage area or doc for the proper placement of remote; as a result the remote can be misplaced when you moved around with this device. Likewise, in terms of the location, the clock’s angle is also another insufficiency as it is then not readable. In the same way if we talk about the dock, the slots are rigid to certain extent that can make you panic when you twist the pins on the iPod during docking and device removal.

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