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If you start trading in the Forex market by thinking it’s quite easy to make money than you are wrong. The market is enormous and you need to cross many trading difficulties to make money from the market. You should always be consistent in the matter of understanding the market. Without understanding all the factors of the market you can’t make money. You will also face many losses at the beginning of your trading venture but never lose hope or get disappointed, as losing is also a part of learning in the market.

Starting Your Trading Journey As A Naïve Trader

Learning is the Basic Step

The first key step the trader must follow is to learn about the Forex market briefly. You need to understand all the factors that are present in the market to make profitable trades. New traders stop learning after a week of starting to trade and this only leads them to failure. You need to understand that without a proper learning process you won’t able to stay in the market in the long run. Pro traders always warn new traders not to stop learning if they want to become successful. Learning will always help you to improve all your trading methods effectively.

Think about your university degree of High School Diploma. You spent years learning before you graduated. Similarly, you have to spend some time trading before you start thinking about the profit. Education is the key to becoming a successful trader.

You must Practice

In the Forex market, there is no alternative to practice as this helps you to become a successful trader. The practice is known as the key to placing the trades profitably, you should always practice making profits. The best way the traders can practice is in a demo account, a demo account is a must for all the traders. In a demo account, you can practice without the fear of losing your real money and can effectively improve your trading methods, strategies, and skills. You should never stop practicing in a demo account if you want to make profitable trades.

Find the Saxo Hong Kong broker and open a demo account. Practice with a virtual account and try to create a unique method. Never rely on an automated trading strategy. Using those automated trading methods can result in big losses and it might make you frustrated. But if you start working on developing your trading method, it won’t take too much time to develop your skills.

Choose a Real Broker

This is the crucial step the traders must pay attention to if you don’t pay attention then you will end up choosing a fraudulent broker. Choosing the right broker is the biggest decision traders make.  Always think and act smartly while choosing a broker. If you end up choosing a fraudulent broker, then be ready to lose all of your money and blow your trading account. The fraudulent brokers always find opportunities to run away with your trading capital. If you want to become a successful trader make sure you choose the right broker for your trading journey. You must choose a broker by testing them and the best way you can test them is in a demo account. Also, ask for their assistance whenever you need it in the trades so that you can identify the right broker.

A good broker will try to ensure the best things for the traders. So, avoiding such a broker is a very big mistake. Find the best broker in Hong Kong and start placing your trades.


Never assume that it’s easy to make money rather focus on your trading methods, strategies, and skills. You should also know about the other important steps of the market to make profit in the trades. Don’t forget to execute the above points in the trades to become a successful trader and always focus on improving your trading methods.