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Startpage is a web page that contained some useful information or links appear as soon as you open your browser. Simply put, the startpage is the first web page that you open when you open the browser. From the startpage you will get the latest updates for the latest status of Your latest tweet, Facebook, email, or the latest news from RSS feeds. Then you click on the links to start exploring the internet.

Startpage Brings the News You Want to You

Example Web that give service of startpage is Netvibes, Pageflakes, and Kolopo as well as iGoogle and My Yahoo!. While the Pageflakes has closed its services last January, iGoogle also inactive again, My Yahoo! and Kolopo less customization so not too comfortable to use. Netvibes is alive and still growing up now. Startpage services, now appears to have been widely replaced by a browser start page.

Every day you power up your laptop, personal computer or mobile device, you’re bombarded with more information than you can take in. The Internet is a veritable happy hunting ground of spammers, news overload, advertisements and other unwanted information. Users have long been calling for an efficient, user-friendly and adaptive software program to allow them to source precisely that information which is important to them. This comes in the form of startpage.  Precisely what this type of software is is less important than what it does.

Revolutionizing the Way you Get your News
With startpage, you get to enjoy 100% tailored news content. Your homepage effectively becomes a newspaper-style canvas with all the information from your favourite news sites. This news comes in the form of sports news, financial news, breaking news stories, social media news, various other personal appointments and the like. All in all, this bodes well for users who have long been calling for an end to the clutter of the very ‘noisy’ World Wide Web. Now, you can simply download and install this 100% free program to enjoy unfettered access to precisely that news which is important to you – and nothing else! Most everyone has a particular interest on the web and one way of receiving regularly updated content is by way of feeds.

Filters and feed lists that users subscribe to are no longer required with Genieo software. This AI (Artificial Intelligence) software actually pulls relevant information from the web and brings it direct to the startpage. With Genieo, users build a feed list automatically – with no need for personal input. As soon as you download and install the software, it instantly updates to personal preferences and scours the web for relevant information in real time.