StealthGenie or SpyBubble: Who Floats Our Boat?

Mobile monitoring is one of the simplest ways to collect information about someone without their knowledge. These apps are used by a large number of people to covertly keep an eye on a targeted device. StealthGenie and SpyBubble are two popular cell phone monitoring applications that we will be looking at.

Different Features in StealthGenie and SpyBubble:

StealthGenie has the following features:

Call Tracking: This includes Call Record, Call Log and Live Call Intercept.

SMS Tracking: Once installed this feature enables recording of all the messages sent or received.

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Redirect SMS: Redirect SMS enables a person to send an SMS from your target’s phone to any contact saved in the target’s phone. That SMS would be delivered through the monitored phone.

Geo Tracking: Real Time Geo location tracking works when we draw boundaries on the places we don’t want someone to visit then StealthGenie can really be helpful to keep that person out of it as it would send an instant alert when someone cross the set boundary.

Power Features:

  • Record Surroundings from where the call is made or if we are 15 feet away from our target’s location.
  • View the target’s contact list
  • Have access to send and received emails along with saved drafts.
  • All the information shared on the mobile can be effectively monitored.

SpyBubble offers the following features:

  • Call: Tracking all the numbers on which calls are made or received, the number of times the call has been made with the time duration.
  • SMS: Access to any message sent or received even though it would be deleted from their account, but it would be uploaded on your Spybubble account with the time it was sent at.
  • GPS Location: Keep an eye on your target using Google maps and locate your targets current location.
  • Phonebook Access: You would have full access to all the contacts added in your targets phone book.
  • Email Tracking: You can keep track of all the communications held through emails to any suspicious contact.
  • URL Tracking: Through this you can get an idea that what sorts of websites are viewed by your target are they viewing something that shouldn’t be viewed then it can be an easy way to stop them.
  • Photo Tracking: Spybubble uploads all the sent or received photos by the target onto your private account on the website and you can view them whenever you log in.


If we make a comparison between StealthGenie and SpyBubble while looking at the features then we can see that the consumer is mostly looking for more and more features in a single product. Geo tracking is the feature that surely makes StealthGenie even more special as we are able to view our target where ever they go. The backup feature is also a good feature in StealthGenie. Overall, StealthGenie wins when it comes to features and reliability.


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