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Technology is doing amazing things that often improve our quality of life. The problem is, with this new technology, life is not quite as peaceful or simple as it once was. There are constant distractions that don’t allow us to switch off and enjoy some real peace and quiet when we come home at the end of the day. If you’re looking for ways to reduce the complications that are wasting your time and increasing your stress, here are a few great ways to simplify your life.


Blocking phone numbers is a great way of saving time

Make a Clear Line Between Work and Home Life

If you find that you are being interrupted by work when you’re at home, it’s time to draw a line in the sand. You should have set working hours, and the rest of your time needs to be distributed between your family, home, and leisure activities.

When you are at work, make good use of your time and work as hard as you can. When the time to leave work arrives, you need to switch off. Stop checking your business email, don’t take business calls, and make sure all of your colleagues, employees, and clients are aware of your down time.

Reduce the Time You Spend in Front of the Television

TV is a big waste of time. A little is fine; it is a good way of relaxing and zoning out for a while. However, if you’re spending all of your free time in front of the box, you are simply wasting time. Television shows and adverts eat into your free time; you’re basically wasting hours and hours doing nothing that’s productive or good for you. Set a limit for yourself, 1 or 2 hours a day maximum, which still adds up to around 14 hours a week!

Indulge Your Interests

You may think you have nothing better to do than watch television –  in which case it’s time to find a new hobby or revisit your old interests. By indulging your interests, it’s possible to make much better use of your free time and improve your well-being. You’ll be doing things you enjoy – and in the process helping your body produce endorphins and reduce stress hormones such as cortisol.

Use Technology, Don’t Abuse It

With smartphones and tablets, it’s possible to waste more of your time online, at any time you please. While it is handy to be able to check emails and spend time on social networks, it’s also probably eating into your free time. Limit the amount of time you spend on these devices and have a rule dictating when phones and mobile devices need to be switched off or left outside the room.

Tidy Up Your Life

If you have a phone line that is constantly being bombarded by unwanted calls, you are wasting time answering them each and every time. The best way to deal with wasteful intrusions is by blocking phone numbers. While you’re on the job of removing time-wasters from your life, it is important to let cold callers and unwanted telemarketers know that you are not interested in speaking with them at all. Not only will this free up valuable time, but it will also reduce a lot of unneeded stress as well.

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