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Although many of us may dream about driving around in a Ferrari or maybe an Aston Martin, the reality is that we just don’t have the funds. The cost of owning such cars means that only the wealthy can afford them and the rest of us have to settle for something less pricey instead. Even if you have had to settle for something more affordable, there are still some things you can do to help make your car perform better. With even some basic upgrades and modifications your car could begin to perform better than it ever has before.

Getting new tyres will make a considerable difference to how your car performs on the road. Some tyres are better suited to performance cars as they help you to grip the road more effectively, helping you to go faster and stick to the road better. If you can, getting wider wheels so that you can get wider tyres will make an even further improvement but if the cost of doing so is too much for you, new tyres at least should help make a considerable difference.

Get a Tune Up
A tune up will replace worn spark plugs and replace blocked filters. It will also have your engine cleaned and have everything realigned so that it all works exactly as intended. Once all of your engine parts are working in harmony you will find a marked improvement in performance without even having any upgrades added. Get a tune up for your car and it may feel as though you have just had a more powerful engine fitted.

A New Exhaust
In order for your engine to perform well, the exhaust generated by combustion must first be removed from the car and this is done via the exhaust. With a new exhaust the process of internal combustion can happen faster within the car, making your engine more powerful. Even though a new exhaust may be a relatively cheap upgrade for your car, it can be just as effective as some of the more pricey upgrades. A new exhaust can also help to reduce, emissions which is obviously beneficial for the environment, something that will be a bonus to anybody that is conscious about conservation. Another improvement is in the sound of the car, which although may make no difference to how your car actually performs, the improved sound is still a desirable thing to many people.

If you go shopping for cheap car parts, you may find that making your car go a lot faster can be surprisingly affordable to you.