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Pallet conveyors can streamline your manufacturing production in a number of ways. When you are in a business that uses wooden or plastic pallets to hold materials or finished products, it can be difficult or time consuming to try and move them in a quick manner either through the production line or on and off of trucks.

The most common way to move empty or loaded pallets is with a forklift or a pallet jack. This type of pallet relocation can be slow, especially if you need to move a great number of pallets quickly. Most of the time a forklift or pallet jack can only move one or two loaded pallets and not too many empty ones. Moving pallets by forklift or pallet jack can also be unsafe as pallets have the possibility of not being stacked correctly or splitting if not picked up properly. If a pallet is loaded with heavy and bulky items, you generally can’t move but one pallet at a time. Then there is always the possibility of pallets falling or breaking when in motion.

Eliminating Safety Issues
When you have a pallet conveyor you don’t have to worry about these types of safety issues. The same safety and quickness of movement is a concern when you are loading or unloading trucks. Pallets can shift during shipment if not loaded properly. If they shift the wrong way the items on them can become unbalanced or the pallet itself can have a crack that would break when picked up by a forklift or pallet jack. Also, you can only unload one pallet at a time when using a forklift or pallet jack.

How it Works
With a pallet conveyor, the rollers on the machine itself keeps pallets both full and empty moving at a steady pace down the production line, pallets are easier to load or unload with whatever you are taking off or placing on them. If your pallet conveyor is used to unload or load a truck at the dock, you can simply extend the conveyor into the truck and easily slide the pallets to where they can be moved at a rate of speed you choose on or off the truck with the help of a pallet jack or small fork lift. There is no waiting for the forklift to go back and forth across the loading area – the pallets are there waiting to be moved from one central spot. Production is safer, faster and much more efficient.

Industrial businesses routinely use pallet conveyors to streamline business practices. They allow for quicker packing and loading on trucks for delivery.