Stuck on Writer’s Block? How to Inspire Your Muse and Keep Writing

You’re sitting in front of your computer trying to force out some writing, but nothing’s coming. It’s as if your brain has been erased and you’ll never be able to think of anything. While you hopefully know that this is hyperbole, writer’s block is still a very real problem. Here are four tips for how to inspire your muse and keep writing.

Write Something

Writer’s block can come out of intimidation. It can be daunting if you tell yourself that you either have to write something incredible and inspiring or nothing at all. The truth is that not everything you write will be great. But that doesn’t mean it’s not all important for your journey. Even writing one sentence can help bring you out of writer’s block. It doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s what editing is for.

Take a Vacation

Being around the same surroundings day in and day out can really suck the creativity out of you. No one can expect to be inspired by monotony. Rather than frustrate yourself to death, you should take a vacation. It can also greatly help to get in touch with nature. Look for outdoor retreats with suitable lodging. Surrounded by the sights, smells, and sounds of nature, you should hopefully find yourself inspired.

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You might have writer’s block because you’re not feeling inspired. However, it’s likely that you became a writer because you were inspired by at least one other author. Pull out one of your old favorites and just take a moment to appreciate it. Observe how language and devices such as similes are used. Think about how much this writing means to you, and see if you’re inspired to honor it in any way.

Put on Some Music

Giving your senses a treat is a great way to help deal with writer’s block. Listening to happy-sounding music has been shown to help with writer’s block. These should be songs that put a smile on your face as soon as they kick off while also keeping you focused. A chipper tune with the right message can be just what you need.

When you take the time to address writer’s block without blaming or belittling yourself, you give yourself a huge gift. You remind yourself that it’s okay to stumble as long as you find yourself back on the right path. With these tips, your fears about writer’s block will hopefully be dashed.

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