Subtle improvements that improve your home’s value

Subtle improvements that improve your home’s value

Home upgrades can make your home more comfortable and increase your quality of life. And if you eventually put your home on the market, upgrades can pay for themselves by increasing the value of your home. But not all home improvement projects pay for themselves. Large additions – like a swimming pool or extensive landscaping – may cost more than the value they add to your home. Some of the upgrades that add the most value to your home are the ones that may not be visible at first glance. Following are some additions that can have a big impact on the list price for your home:

The right lighting

Lighting has a big influence on how every room in your home is seen – no pun intended. If you don’t have great natural lighting options, artificial lighting is even more important. Homes with small rooms could benefit by adopting an open floor plan, allowing light to spread throughout the space and creating a more open atmosphere. Open floor plans can also boost the flow of natural light throughout these rooms.

You may also want to consider some professional lighting setups to showcase some of your home’s best features, such as a beautiful hearth or pristine kitchen cabinetry.

Energy-efficient windows and insulation

With many homeowners leading an environmentally friendly lifestyle, potential homebuyers are looking for more energy-efficient options in new homes. If drafty windows and insulation are leaving you cold in the winter, install efficient windows and insulation, and attract eco-conscious homebuyers. And until you sell your home, these upgrades will help you save money on heating and cooling bills.

 Home security

Safety is a prime concern for homeowners, so having a security system installed in your home is an attractive addition for potential buyers. A security system can add value to your home, especially if it’s monitored by an alarm company. Consider the neighborhood you live in and the crime rate when deciding what kind of security system you need.

Update appliances

Many buyers are looking for updated kitchens, or kitchens with interesting features. And if you’re planning to attract eco-friendly buyers, a refrigerator with a built-in water filter is a great upgrade to consider. Even if you stay in your home, you’ll benefit from this feature by being able to filter your own water, instead of wasting money on bottled water

Radiant flooring

Installing radiant flooring is another way to increase the eco-friendly appeal of your home. Since heat rises, radiant flooring needs less energy to heat the home than conventional heating. And if you’re concerned about air quality in your home, installing radiant flooring will put your mind at ease by ridding the need for heat to be circulated by air vents.

If your options are limited due to budget constraints, don’t feel like you have to hold off on home improvement projects. It’s not what you spend, but how you spend it. By understanding what potential buyers are looking for and why certain upgrades are viewed more favorably than others, you should be able to add value to your home even with a small investment.


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