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A garage door in proper working condition opens and closes easily. Most garage door problems occur without warning. Some need DIY fixation, while others are garage door professionals. Highlighted below are sudden troubles with a garage door and how to fix them.

Sudden Trouble With Your Garage Door? Here's How to Get It Fixed

The Track is Out of Alignment

A garage door runs on a perfectly aligned metal track for easy operation. Gaps between the rail and the rollers indicate a problem that needs correction before the worst happens when operating the heavy door. The track misalignment leads to a rubbing noise at a specific point during the opening and closing of the door. Loosen the screws holding the truck to the frame. Get a rubber mallet and hit the track gently to its position. Fix the screws back and ensure they are secure to prevent track movement when operating the door.

Issues with the Transmitters

One of the problems why the transmitter fails is when you are out of range of the door. The manufacturer provides a specific range for opening and closing the garage door. When within the range and the door fails to open, there could be an antenna problem. It could either be damaged or blocked from the motor that it’s hanging on. You need a garage door repair service to replace the antenna when faulty. When the door is opening and closing randomly, check whether something is sitting on the transmitter press the button. Change the garage door frequency as it could be running with your neighbors. If you have tried these solutions and nothing is working, change the entire unit and reprogram your garage door.

Broken Springs

When you are sure of the transmitter, and the motor working condition and the door fails to open, the springs could be broken. Springs need replacement after a certain period as they eventually break. When the spring breaks, you hear a loud bang alert. Get a professional to inspect and replace the spring.

Dead Transmitter Batteries

Transmitters need the power to send signals to the garage door. There will be no signals to open the door when the batteries are dead. Changing the batteries is simple as you only need to open the back of your transmitter, remove the dead batteries, and replace them with new ones.

There are many problems associated with garage door experience besides the highlighted ones. Look for a garage door professional to detect issues with your garage door to fix them.