Summer Car Care Tips

Summer Car Care Tips

The summer season will see many us taking trips to one or two of the many outdoor spots in the area. Maybe even take a road trip over several days. While cars are much more reliable these days compared to those manufactured a few decades ago, it’s still important to perform checks to ensure a trouble-free trip. Even if you’re a car enthusiast, or religiously take your car to the best car repair Victoria BC shop, ensuring your vehicle is in top shape for a trip is prudent. Here are a few things to check:


Ensure that they are in good condition and are properly inflated. Underinflation can overheat your tires while overinflated tires can reduce grip. Make sure that your spare is properly inflated too, as many motorists tend to forget checking the spare tire’s pressure. Not too much of a problem if you flat in the city. Out in the boondocks with a flat spare? Major hassle. While you’re checking the tires, note when you last had them aligned. A long road trip can promote premature tire wear if they’re out of alignment.


With cars having a huge demand on a car’s electrical system, having a sound battery is critical on a road trip. Checking the battery electrolyte level used to be a maintenance routine, but most car batteries today are maintenance free. Still, check if your car really has the maintenance free type. Also, a battery over two years old could be on its last legs, so go to a service shop to have its condition checked. Check the terminals for corrosion too, as well as the hold down. A loose battery will vibrate and shift in its mount, which could cause the plate inside to crack or loosen, resulting in a dead battery.

Cooling system

Summer heat taxes a car’s cooling system. Check your coolant level as well as when the system was last renewed. Radiator coolant loses its efficiency over time and a long road trip may tax the cooling system over its rated capacity. Check all coolant hoses too as a blown coolant hose doesn’t just put a damper on a road trip, it can kill the engine too if left running overheated for too long.

Check your Aircon System

At the very least, ensure that the cabin filter is clean so that your get the most cooling efficiency out of your system. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check the aircon system for leaks, as losing your air conditioner in the middle of a road trip is uncomfortable at best.

Thanks to Victoria Transmission and Auto Care for their article on summer car care tips.

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