Summer Eye Care Tips

Summer Eye Care Tips

Now that summer is here, we’ll probably be going out into the sun more often, exposing our eyes to the elements. Here are a few summer eye care tips from the best optometrist in Victoria that should help preserve our vision for years to come:

1. Wear sunglasses

Bright sunlight also brings with it intense UV rays that can not only cause us to squint, but can physically damage our eyes in a condition known as photokeratitis. The surface of our eyes can be burned by intense light and heat. Apart from the pain, a severe case of photokeratitis can cause temporary blindness. And in addition to looking cool, a nice pair of sunglasses protects our eyes in windy conditions too.

2. Use artificial tears if you have dry eyes

Summer heat and wind can induce or aggravate a dry eye condition. Use artificial tears to alleviate the irritation caused by dry eyes. However, if this condition persists over several days, it would be best to consult an eye doctor.

3. Use goggles when swimming or engaging in water sports

Aside from protecting your eyes from pool chemicals or sea spray, goggles will prevent your vision from blurring. Water intrusion can remove the tear film which is our natural protectant. Plus, goggles will protect your eyes from debris and foreign object damage.

4. Beware of chemicals entering your eyes

When using sunblock, allow the lotion to be absorbed by your skin. Entering the water immediately can cause the sunblock to mix with water, hurting your eyes. The same precaution holds true when you leave the water – rinse off to remove the chlorine or sea salt that will have clung to your face and hair. Both of these will sting your eyes.

5. Contacts

If you wear contacts, follow the recommended schedule for wearing and cleaning your lenses.

It’s not only during summer that you should be conscious of eye care, but the whole year round. This includes resting our eyes during extended screen times, having daily servings of fruit and vegetables, and not smoking. Eating a healthy diet and refraining from smoking benefits not only our eyes, but our general health as well.

If your work environment calls for it, always wear safety glasses. The same holds true if you’re a regular do-it-yourselfer. It takes only one accident to wreck your vision. Don’t risk it.

Our eyes are our most important sense and caring for them will ensure that we enjoy good vision till our golden years. Thanks to Island Eyecare Optometrists for their help in writing this article.

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