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Summer Fashion For The Office; How To Look Good And Stay Cool

Summer is in full swing and what’s worse than having to work on a hot and sunny day, is having to dress in both the appropriate and comfortable manner so that you do not resemble a sweaty mine worker that is showing way to much skin. Summer fashion for the office is a touch and go subject and there is a fine line between elegant and feminine and inappropriate. Staying cool while looking great can be difficult and in this fashion based article for the professional lady, we look at some great ways to stay cool and look professional when going to the office in the sweltering heat.

Summer Fashion trends and tips for the office

1. The rule of skin

There are certain unwritten rules when it comes to showing skin in the office and in the heat of summer, these rules are sometimes forgotten. Just a recap and some summer fashion skin rules, showing some leg is fine but a dress or a skirt needs to at least reach the knee. It is ok to show shoulders but a tiny, spaghetti strap top is a no no. Be very careful when wearing a summer fashion item that is low cut in the bust area. Too much cleavage is inappropriate and can make you look untactful. Avoid wearing sheer blouses; no matter how appealing they make look for the hot day ahead if you do not pair it with a vest or under top.

2. Cotton clothing and suites

For the incredibly professional ladies who need to look very smart on a daily basis, one great summer fashion trend that is perfect for the office and that will have you keep cool, is cotton. An elegant and stylish cotton suite will keep you cool and looking professional during the summer at work, a vital fashion trend. Cotton shirts are also a great option. Cotton is considered not only an elegant and versatile material but one that breathes easily and will have you feeling comfortable and cool.

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3. Peep shoes

In winter, office fashion is so easy opposed to summer, especially when it comes to shoes. Boots are smart, comfortable and keep you warm. There is nothing worse than running around in the heat with sweaty, swollen feet. A great summer trend for the office is to invest in, is a lovely and feminine pair of peep toes shoes or open sandals that are of an appropriate height. For those lucky ladies that were blessed with height, why wear heels at all. Why not pair you summer fashion looks with a great pair of leather pumps?

Just remember, wear loose fitting clothes, the right materials and do not show too much skin, this summer fashion advice will have you still looking professional and able to stand the heat to get through the day.

Jemma Scott is an avid freelance writer that has an interest in the fashion world from new designer suits to certain fashion tips.

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