Summer Party Planning Tips

At this time of year it’s tempting to think that all you really need are friends and sunshine to call a get-together a party. But if you want to make your party as hot as the weather (hopefully!) here are some planning tips to ensure your party is casual and easy yet perfectly memorable.

The good news is that although a bit of planning is involved, your party should be easy to prepare for – after all, the purpose is to socialise and have fun so why make it difficult for yourself?

Get The Drinks In

And no, we don’t mean just booze – plenty of soft drinks should be on-hand at your party also. In the heat, people naturally drink more and especially if you intend to include some games or for the party to stretch out into the evening, you’ll want lots of refreshments.

Summer parties tend to be laidback in nature, and providing delicious and varied drinks will add a sparkle to the occasion. For the non-drinkers and drivers amongst your guests, try fizzy water, fruit cocktails, pop and elderflower. And for the drinkers, refreshing drinks like Pimms and G&T always go down a treat on a summer’s day, as do lagers and seriously cold white wine.

Make The Bites Light

Parties at this time of year are about chilling out, having a laugh and staying cool – so big, heavy dishes are a big no-no. Instead, go with fresh, light and seasonal offerings like salads, homemade pizza, bread and pitta served with dips, raw vegetables and dips, olives, grilled fish and chicken kebabs. For afters, fruit salad is always popular as are ice lollies, fresh strawberries and cream, and ice cream.

Invest In Plastic

While we’re sure your guests are impeccably well behaved, outdoor parties often result in mishaps and breakages because of using uneven surfaces like lawns to balance drinks and plates. To avoid any hassle, buy some fun plastic glasses, plates and cutlery – this allows everyone to relax and not worry about the odd accident. Plus if you want to theme your party, you can buy matching plastic ware.

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Keep It Cool

A garden gazebo gives guests somewhere to seek shade when the sun burns brightest. And it’s good for rain cover too, should the weather prove a bit temperamental!

Add Simple Touches

Have a think about a few things you can do to jazz up your garden for the occasion. Little touches like hanging lanterns add a sense of charm and fun, and having blankets and stools available for those who want to get more comfortable is sure to be appreciated.

And depending on the levels of sophistication you’re aiming for with your party, hanging balloons and handing out hats to everybody can work well.

Game On

No summer party is really complete without some games. If you’re still feeling inspired by the Olympics, you could give your party games a sporty twist and have croquet on the lawn, swingball, football or different races (egg and spoon, sack and three-legged, spring to mind!). Alternatively, you could have more grown-up games like charades and “I have never…” at the ready.

  • Photograph by Canadian Film Centre (via Flickr) [CC BY 2.0]

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