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When you go shopping for your guy, you have to keep in mind what’s coming up. With the hot months on top of us, there is a good chance that you are heading off for a vacation of some sort. Whether you are off to tour Civil War monuments or you find yourself surfing on some tropical getaway, you are going to discover that you need to make sure that your man is well-dressed. Take a moment to think about what he needs to have in in his suitcase before you go.

Summer Vacation Wardrobe Essentials For Him

Linen Button-down

There is no reason for your guy to look like a beach bum the entire vacation. When you are taking walks or heading out to nice restaurants, make sure that he has a light linen button-down shirt on hand. Linen is perfect for just about every lovely summer event you can imagine. It is light, it breathes, and it is plain enough to suit even the most straightforward of men. Consider getting a shirt in cream and one in a color he likes; this will get you through most occasions.

Great Shorts

Summer is a time for people to bare as much skin as they feel comfortable doing so, and if your guy wants to take advantage of the warmth, don’t worry about stopping him. Just make sure that he has a great pair of shorts from a place like You will discover that a good pair of colorful shorts bought new and kept in good shape will be perfect for long romantic walks or some splashing on the beach.

Cotton T-shirts

When you are looking to make sure that your guy is comfortable, you cannot go wrong with T-shirts. Too many people think of ratty old T-shirts that are only fit for housework and exercise when they think about T-shirts, but these utilitarian garments can be quite handy. First, look for T-shirts that are going to be well-fitted to your guy’s frame. A good cotton that actually has some shaping through the torso can prevent your guy from looking too boxy or too square. Make sure that you choose T-shirts that are made of cotton; this prevents them from being too rough or too scratchy. If you want to soften a t-shirt, you can always wash it with a cup of salt to get the fabric lovely and comfy.

Take a moment to think about what your guy is going to be wearing on his next vacation. There has never been a better time to start packing!