Sunglass Lenses Which Actually Make You Happier

Sunglass Lenses Which Actually Make You Happier

SPY Inc. is a manufacturer of the SPY Happy Lens.  The company was established in the 90s as a means of transforming the state of eyewear technology in relation to a variety of sports. Its product listing features sunglasses, snow goggles, moto goggles, high-tech performance eyewear, Crosstown Collection, Rx sunglasses, and Rx Optical glasses. The eyewear at Spy Inc. is ideal for snowboarding, skiing, surfing, wakeboarding, motorsports, and biking. There are also artistic lenses that feature the work of tattooists, photographers, and fine artists.

SPY Founders
SPY Inc. was established by a group of over-achieving athletes and design freaks. Their goal centered on creating a new perspective with technical eyewear. The group desired to use their creative skills to alter the designs and redefine technology. Their creativity was thoroughly appreciated in the action, motor, and multi-sports arenas. The founders were involved in sporting activities such as snowboarding, skiing; surfing; and racing cars, bicycles, and motorcycles. This passion gave birth to the oleophobic and hydrophobic lens coatings. These lenses also featured a California style. Since then, the founders have expanded the creative expertise to develop more designs that would transform technology, style, action sports, music, and the world around in general. SPY founders have committed to producing the highest quality, most trendy, and highly functional eyewear designs, so that its wearers would gain the same degree of vibrancy and freedom when they sport the pieces during their pastime. Furthermore, it will highlight the work of SPY’s designers by showcasing who they are and what they do.

The SPY Happy Lens
On September 5, 2012, SPY Inc. released a new pair of lenses to enhance your vision and performance. The lenses also feature mind altering capabilities that allows you to transform your mood and increase your energy level.

SPY created the SPY Happy Lens so that its users can increase their level of concentration, and redefine their quality of life. The redefinition of life feature is meant to enhance the happiness of its user. While you enjoy your state of happiness, you’ll receive optical clarity, comfort, and protection. The SPY Happy Lens combines several years of optical experience with contemporary research on human color preference. Users will receive 100 percent protection against UV rays. Furthermore, the SPY Happy Lens blocks out more than 99 percent of glare; blends in with the body’s physiological preference based on its color transmission; optimizes through wavelengths which trigger the blue happy light of the lens; and features contrast, color enhancement and depth perception.

The SPY Happy Lens will be released in 2013. They will be available in a variety of styles such as the Fade to Black Collection; high-performance cycling models; and vintage-inspired Crosstown Collection. Michael Marckx, the president and Ceo of Spy Inc., noted that the SPY Happy Lens was one of the most uplifting creations that they’ve ever done. He claims that these sunglasses provide a balance for the user. The user’s presence is made known and transforms the atmosphere in which he/she occupies.

The Long Wave Blue Light
According to studies, the long wave blue light is the main element that strikes a balance in the body. This said element is often blocked in traditional lenses, hence the reason they’re unable to trigger the state of happiness produced by the SPY Happy Lens. When you’re exposed to sunlight with the SPY Happy Lens, the long wave blue light will create positive changes in your body. Such changes will uplift your spirits and increase your alertness. The blue light also provides hormonal balance under varying emotional conditions.

Warranty Policy
When you purchase items from SPY Inc. you’ll be provided with a one year warranty from the date of purchase. You must register your product to qualify for this warranty.

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