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Supplements For The Coping Diabetic

While America is struggling with near epidemic proportions of obesity, there is still another often associated health issue that is plaguing not just our children, but our adults as well. Diabetes when left untreated can do severe and sometimes irreparable damage on the human body – there are several complications that have fatal outcomes in certain patients. Some people think that diabetes is merely having just a little too much sugar in your diet or blood stream, when in fact; it is much more serious than a sweet tooth. Diabetes is essentially a metabolic disorder that finds the body incapable of producing sufficient insulin to metabolize the sugar that is present in the bloodstream. The side effects of diabetes can range from mild to severe and some are very tangible, while others don’t present themselves as prominently. Blurred vision and even loss of sight, unprecedented weight loss or weight gain, frequent urination, retention of fluid in the body, especially around the joints and also a decreased ability for bruises and cuts to heal in a timely manner are some of the more obvious signs that you may have diabetes. Internally, the disease attacks vital organs like the kidneys, liver and bladder. Diabetes is no sweet cake walk at all…

For the most part, diabetes only spirals when it is not controlled, but once you have been diagnosed with the disease, you will have to make some drastic lifestyle changes that you will have to maintain for permanently. Some of these changes include the incorporation of exercise to your daily activities, a change of diet that is fiber packed and nutrient rich with a careful eye on your sugar intake as well as monitoring and measuring your blood sugar levels. For both vegetarians and carnivores alike, changes in diet are necessary. The supplements you take have to be tailored to your condition as some companies include sugar or sugar substitutes in their preparations. Vitamins and probiotics to name a couple of popular supplements, should be researched thoroughly to make sure they do not contain any ingredients that can spike your blood sugar.

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There are several natural and food based items that you can incorporate into your diet that can keep your blood sugar regular and in the safe zone. Of course it should be stressed that you speak with your doctor to know the exact type of diabetes you have and how these foods will interact with your blood sugar. While the aim is to keep the sugar levels reasonable, if your blood sugar levels fall below a certain point, you can experience black outs and even slip into a diabetic coma. Choose the foods you eat wisely and be aware of how your body feels throughout the day. Some diabetics work with notebooks or even with computerized spreadsheets to monitor patterns in their blood sugar levels – additionally there are now apps you can download to your smartphone that ping you with reminders of when to eat, suggestions on what to eat and snack on and reminders of when you should test your blood sugar.


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