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Support Our Troops

There are many great ways to show support for friends, family, and loved ones who are serving in the military.  Over the years many forms of support have become popular.  One common show of support has been hanging a flag on the front porch or a bumper sticker identifying the branch of the military your family member is in.  From challenge coins to parades, there are many ways we can show our support.

The Drive to Help
Food and item drives are on the rise.  Some organizations put these drives together to support the families of people in the military and tend to occur around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Holiday toy drives are also becoming increasingly popular and support children of people in the military.  Receiving special gifts from people help make the holidays a little brighter for children who cannot be with their mother and/or father.  Drives are also ongoing for service men and women themselves.  Organizations and clubs collect non-perishable foods, toiletry items, and entertainment items for people stationed outside of the United States.  When the service men and women receive the care packages, we know they feel the thanks and well wishes we are sending them.  Running or participating in any of these drives is a great way to show support of our service men and women.

Challenge Coins
One current new trend we’ve seen are challenge coins.  These coins can be custom printed and handed out among friends and family as a way to show solidarity and support.  These are the perfect commemorative piece that can be displayed and enjoyed for years to come. They were initially used to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale but are now being used to show support for our troops.

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Welcome the Troops Home
Getting involved with Welcome Home celebrations for military members in and around your town is another way to show support.  Posting welcome home banners and signs throughout your area will certainly make the men or women returning home feel special and honored.  Some towns even hold parades in honor of people returning home from war.  Contact town government officials and get involved with shining a light on the importance of supporting our military men and women.

However you choose to get involved, keep in mind why you’re doing it. We owe a lot to the men and women who work hard every day to keep us safe and free as citizens of the United States.  Use your strengths and apply them to whichever activity you wish to dive into.  The end result should be giving thanks to those who serve and show solidarity for the wonderful country in which we live.

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