Swimming Pool Designs And Style

If you are planning on building a swimming pool in your house, then congratulations—you have made a great decision! Now, the next step would be to choose your swimming pool’s design and style. Building a swimming pool requires a great deal of planning, so make sure that you coordinate properly with your swimming pool builder or contractor so that you can turn your dream pool into reality.

There are a lot of styles and designs for swimming pools. To help you with your preference, it’s always important that you also consider who would be using the pool, the depth, your lifestyle, and the pool’s location. Modern pools combine aesthetics as well as functionality, and you can always customise a pool’s design if you wish. If you are planning on building a swimming pool, here are some designs and styles that you can consider.

Freeform Pool

Modern pools mostly feature stylish designs, and a freeform pool is becoming a rising trend when it comes to pool styles and designs. It is characterized by rock formations, oasis-like style, and man-made scenic designs.

Play Pool

If you have kids, then constructing a play pool is a great way for your children to have some fun. A play pool is no deeper than 5 feet. It can also be used to play water sports in, such as water polo, volleyball, or swimming laps.

Infinity Pools

Luxury resorts and hotels often list infinity pools as one of their highlights—because there’s no doubt that an infinity pool is always beautifully-designed. An infinity pool, or a negative edge pool, is a pool designed to extend all the way to the horizon. This style is perfect for beach houses or any resort-type home that has a scenic beach view.

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Lap Pools

If living healthy is one of your priorities, a lap pool is definitely for you. Swimming laps is considered to be a great form of exercise and has a lot of benefits. A lap pool is over 50’ long and can help you improve your overall fitness and health as you swim laps.


A spool, as it name suggests—is a combination of a spa and a pool. It can be described as an oversized spa, mostly sized between 16 x 18 or 12 x 14. This is a high-end pool design, and may cost more than the regular swimming pool due to the design and additional features. However, it’s the best choice if you have a large yard and a large house, and it’s always a great place to hold parties in.

Swimming pool styles and designs may vary. Swimming is definitely the best way to improve your fitness, and having a pool allows you to relax and spend a fun time with your friends and family. Just remember, no matter what style or design you choose, there’s no doubt that having a swimming pool on your backyard can add some fun in your life.

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