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Taking a few laps in a pool is a wonderful way for pregnant women to exercise and stay in shape and it’s generally considered a very safe thing to do. However, before taking the plunge, do check with your doctor so that you are given the green light.

If you have been swimming regularly before you became pregnant, it’s perfectly fine to continue. If you did not swim or exercise before knowing you were carrying a baby, you should take it easy at first and start slowly. It’s always best to stretch before swimming and to do a few warm up laps before giving it your all.

Studies have proven that bacteria, chlorine and other chemicals found in pool water are not harmful to unborn babies. However, you should not jump into a hot tub or take a steamy sauna before or after swimming because the high temperatures can be harmful to your developing baby.

Many pregnant women choose to do water aerobics because these types of exercises can do wonders in relieving pain and pressure put on the pelvis region. One thing to keep in mind is that you should slide into the water slowly as opposed to jumping in, as you need to allow your body to adjust to the water temperature. Otherwise you could experience muscle cramping.

If you are concerned about what you are going to look like in a bathing suit, you should know that there are many very nice choices out there for pregnant women. If you prefer to cover your ‘baby bump’ there are some very attractive one-piece swimsuits for pregnant women, which provide extra room for your growing belly.

Women who are pregnant are wearing bikinis now more than ever. If you would like to show off your pregnancy and feel comfortable in a skimpy bikini, you have all types of choices as you can simply buy any regular bikini you like and flaunt your baby bump! Just remember to drink plenty of fluids while out in the hot sun so that your growing baby remains comfortable while you are working on a great suntan!

Many pregnant women prefer wearing tankinis as these swimsuits are both flattering and comfortable. A tankini comes in two pieces just like a bikini but the top is longer to cover most of your belly. A well-made tankini comes with added inside support for your breasts as well as wider straps. There are skirted tankinis available which do a good job of hiding the tops of your thighs as well as strapless styles if you wear a relatively small bra size.

Bio: This post was written by Chris from Simply Swim an online swim shop specialising speedo swimwear.