Take A Hint: Disconnect From The Device

Take A Hint: Disconnect From The Device

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Why talk when you can text?

We all do it. We’ll be in the middle of a convocation, a meal, in work etc, and then suddenly the vibration will go. Quick as you can sociably afford it, you’ll dart into your pocket and have a sly look at the message or update. This is mobile addiction. I have it and so do most people under thirty. It’s a sad fact that we are slaves to our wonderful devices.

Technology definitely has its plus points but it also has a rather more sinister underbelly. Are you disconnecting yourself from the real world with you continual interaction with technology?

Mobile phones are the worst culprits for interjecting into social situations. With all their uses, it’s easy to see how people are drawn into their phones and notifications, sacrificing the company of real human beings. Here are my top five ways to disconnect from your phone and reconnect with your friends and folks:

1) Put Your Phone On Quiet
Having your phone burst into Kanye West at full volume can serve as a real distraction. Putting it on a low ring and vibration can stop you from jumping to attention unless necessary.

2) With Loved Ones? Silence it!
Make a point of putting your phone on silent when you’re with a loved one. I’ve found that as I’ve got older I spend less and less time with my parents and extended family. Silencing my phone and devoting my time to them makes all the difference when we’re together.

3) Speak Up
Don’t be afraid to ask others to put their phones away. Some can get a little shirty but explain you want to spend time with them, not their ringtone; I’m sure they will understand.

4) Allow Yourself Phone Free Days
People expect you to be reachable all the time but it’s unnecessary. If it’s important, people will leave a message. Stepping off the radar can be liberating, particularly when you’re on holiday or have a day to yourself.

5) Turn Off Your Social Media Notifications
Being continually fed inane information is a drag. Check Twitter and Facebook on your terms; indulge in receiving real messages rather than some guys comment on you acquaintance’s photo.

Could the future of convocation rest on Skyping, interactive voice messaging and calling our loved ones? Well, possibly but there is no replacement for good, old fashioned face to face interaction. Do you have any tips for disconnecting with tech and reconnection with people?

James Duval is a tech addict, and is found most evenings glued to his Mac, editing and programming software. He spends his weekends hunting out the best gigs in the best pubs in Britain. By day he is a blogger for Optilead.

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