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Does the idea of sitting back reclining in your office chair with your feet kicked up appeal to you? If you own a business, the thought of kicking back and relaxing might sound like a dream that will never come true. While there will always be work to be done, there are business programs that can help you automate some functions of your business so that you are not always stressed. Here are 3 business software programs that will give you more time to focus on core functions of your business.


Automated Managemen
Automated Management


3 Programs to Help You Eliminate some of the Workload


1. Automated Management of Your Customer Relationships


From responding to inquiries to communicating with your email list, staying in contact with your customer base is imperative. Wise business managers schedule contacts with their lists at least 4 to 6 times per year, but if you have an expansive list doing this manually can be time consuming. Find a way to automate the process of managing your relationships with a customer management software program and you can increase response rates and customer satisfaction in the process. When customer relationship management is concerned, automation is your friend.



Automated Managemen
Automated Management

2. Creating and Changing Employee Scheduling Quickly


When you hire employees, you ask about their availability and their shift preferences. Creating a schedule based on availability can take up a large portion of your time in the office if you are not using scheduling software programs to your advantage. By entering each employee into an advanced system like Kronos, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to create a schedule and still keep the office fully staffed at all of the busiest times.


3. Automating Project Management


Managing a project from start to finish can be a very involved task. You need all of the team members to communicate their progress, review progress, make adjustments, share documents, and share notes every step along the way. No matter what type of project you are managing, a project management software program will automate the task by streamlining communications into a single system where any member of the team can review updates, share docs, or even leave notes for other team members on a platform that can be accessed from a PC or even a mobile device.

In today’s business world, being efficient is all about choosing technologies that will help with efficiency and production. Make sure you compare different software programs, use the best programs to your advantage, and take the load off where it counts.



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