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Taking Care Of Your Hair With Extensions

Curly one day, straight the next. Long hair next week then maybe a surprise! You like the convenience of being able to add length, texture or color with the simple snap of a clip. Even more, you like being the envy of others who wish they could do this themselves or pay someone to do it for them.

While looking hot is nice, knowing when you may have worn out your welcome is what really matters.  In this case, you need to check the status of your own natural-growing hair before worrying about buying more.

Negative Effects Of Hair Extensions
Not long ago, there was a shocking photo online that showed a veteran UK model with a recessive hairline.  Many hair care professionals will state that this pouty-lipped beauty should have worked a good hair conditioner the way she’s worked the catwalk for the past 25 years.  Travel and stress can also lead to hair loss as well as abuse of diet.

If you’re saying that can’t happen to you because your hair is not dry or coarse, think again.  If you’re afraid that the heavy oils will ruin your extension, there are other methods and alternatives to use while keeping a healthy mane.

Oils and conditioners 
If your hair is dry or coarse, oils and conditioners are a necessity especially as the weather changes.  The best solution is to find an oil (like pure coconut or jojoba) that does not contain paraffin because it will prevent the hair strands from absorbing the moisturizing properties.  If you still don’t feel comfortable placing oil directly on your extensions, make sure to use a hot oil treatment or cholesterol conditioner between extension applications.  Even if it is a small section of your hair that wears the extensions, getting in the habit early will prevent breakage later on.

Keep the hair clean at all times.  Even if you notice that your natural hair is growing, this is no excuse to stop shampooing at least once a week.

People like the clip-on extensions because they are convenient.  However, stitching the hair to a braided baseline (best done by a professional) will have lasting results.  Or a person can get microbraids that will allow for even conditioning and sometimes, a more natural look that will allow the scalp to breathe.  Glues should only be used for one-time applications as improper removal can lead to permanent hair loss.

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If the weather permits, there are many wig styles that allow for diversity and look natural.  Or a person can try a simple ponytail or bun extension that is easy to apply and does not require special tools.

There are many online shops that offer hair solutions for people that just want a break from sitting in a salon for hours or experimenting with different products.

If you haven’t noticed, some celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Vivica Fox have gotten into the wig game.  By visiting these websites, you can at least get an idea of what may work for you.  Or be bold by placing an order and showing off your gloriously paid for locks.

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