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Are you one of those athletes who suffer from toenail fungus, yeast infection or athlete’s foot? Well, you will be surprised to know interesting facts about tea tree oil soap that can help you to get rid of all kinds of skin infections. Tea tree oil skin products have become a popular n all kinds of shampoos, soaps, and ointments because of its amazing healing powers. Tea tree oil skin products use includes the treatment of various skin infection disorders caused by bacteria and fungi. Another usage of tea tree oil soap is treating cuts, burns, and abrasions and curing common ailments such as acne, boils and dandruff. The oil may be used full strength directly from the bottle or mixed with other herbs into oils, lotion.

Tea tree oil soap benefits

Below is the list of effective uses of tea tree oil soap:

Abrasions & Minor Cuts:

After cleaning the affected area well, apply a few drops of the oil directly. If a bandage is needed, allow a few drops of the oil to penetrate a cotton ball, then lay it face down on the wound with a bandage on top.


Add a drop to your normal cleansing routine You can also add 20 – 40 drops of the oil to your regular face wash.


Wash that affected area very carefully, then apply as for cuts and wounds.


Apply a warm washcloth for a few minutes. Then apply a drop of tea tree oil to that affected area – the infection should rise to the surface and eventually be released.

Nail Fungus:

Add 1 – 2 drops of oil directly to nail and the surrounding tissue. Allow drying completely on hands before touching anything. Repeat morning and night for a week.

Eczema: Add 10 drops oil to 1 tbsp. tea tree oil and massage into affected areas. Repeat 2-3 times daily. Also, can be applied undiluted.

Jock Itch: Apply 10 – 15 drops of oil to 2 tbsp. of carrier oil. Apply 2 times daily. Dust with corn starch, to reduce chapping.