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With age, the skin becomes thinner, dry and less moisturized. Older skin has wrinkles, enlarged pores and other defects that are becoming increasingly pronounced. Older skin regenerates very slowly, quickly loses moisture and nutrients. Of course, and young skin requires adequate care. External influences that are found in water, air and food can also badly affect the health and beauty of our skin. For all these reasons, proper skin care implies the need for the best skin care products.

Technology Works For Your Health and Beauty

# How to improve the Health and Beauty of Skin?

Technology in the field of medicine and health care has made progress in recent years. Sports physicians use ultrasound as a tool that allows better absorption of the active ingredients of the gel into the skin. The vibration of ultrasound open skin pores. Ultrasound enters more deeply into the tissue at the frequency of 1 MHz, while the frequency of 3 MHz is oscillating only in the upper parts of the skin. Ultrasound is started using for cosmetic purposes in nineties.

The sound waves clean the skin, improve the absorption of the active ingredients, the scars become less visible. In this way impurities on the skin are reduced, and the blood circulation in the tissues is improved. Professional device for beautification is designed on the basis of theory of physiology. The Ultrasonic devices are equipped with new complex computer programs which are focused on critical points.

There are various devices for skin care such as machines for the various massage, body contouring, toning the skin, microdermabrasion, epilation, wrinkle correction, stimulate blood circulation and so on. These devices help us to protect the health and beauty in a modern and innovative way.

# Benefits of Ultrasonic Waves

Manual massage that has been used previously in beauty salons today is largely outdated. Massage by pressing the hands and fingers requires a lot of time and energy. Ultrasound Beauty Devices are the latest trends that are widely used in beauty salons and home treatments. These devices use micro vibrations that reach deeply into the skin and under the skin.

In addition to the mechanical effect, which is enabled by the device, thermal effect (warming up) is also much important. Thermal effect has a beneficial effect on the metabolism in tissues and cells. Of course, the device provides a very beneficial biochemical effect on the general health of your skin. In this way we obtain excellent results: Skin rejuvenation, deep hydration and revitalization of tissue, skin tightening and wrinkle removal, elimination of stains and equalization of skin tones. The machine with the function of ultrasound can successfully remove blemishes and spots on the skin.

If you are wondering do these devices are available, we have good news for you. That kind of devices is very easy to use and give great results in skin care treatments. During use of Ultrasonic Instrument, your skin must be clean and you should use the appropriate gels. That’s it! Ultrasonic Beauty & Health Instrument is a great solution for your skin problems. Look at the PleasingCare website and see for yourself.