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Hormone therapy are just one of the many ways of treating possible problems with your prostate as well as keep your testosterone levels from getting too high or low in your system.

Hormone therapy or hormone therapy replacement has many faces but has a single purpose: to restore the issue of hormonal imbalance in your system, thus easing your problems with possible sexual dysfunctions and metabolic issues you have.

Testosterone in Your Body

Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for your sex drive and your sexual characteristics. During puberty, it’s the hormone that gives mass to your muscles, increases penis size and testes. It retains itself as the dominant hormone that keeps your bones and your muscle strong.

Aging cause’s testosterone production to dramatically decline as you hit your 30s. This gradual drop in testosterone production is accompanied by dropped drive for sex as well as weakened muscles.

Possible Causes of Low Testosterone in Men

Now, the direct cause of low testosterone doesn’t always mean that you’re old; there are a lot of different ways that it could happen.  Researchers say that there are possible links in depression, high blood pressure, possible coronary artery disease and diabetes that could ultimately attribute to low testosterone levels in men.

  • Depression. Now this can be a tad sketchy for some researchers as they tend to attribute the cause of depression as responsible for low levels of testosterone rather than the condition itself.
  • High Blood Pressure and Coronary Artery Disease. Blood carries a variety of important nutrients, one of them being nutrients essential for testosterone production as well as impotence to some degree.
  • Diabetes. This type of condition also affects sperm production and other sexual functions to an indirect degree.
  • Injury. Injury to your testes can cause insubstantial growth of sperm as well cause limitation on how much testosterone that your body normally produces.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is just one of the many ways you can treat your low-level of testosterone. There are two ways to do this: naturally incurring growth of testosterone through supplementation and artificially inserting testosterone into your system in the form of injections.

  • Supplements. Supplementation tends to have slower effect on your body, but it does help in the overall production of testosterone. It’s also made of compact nutrients that help incite your body to produce the nutrients it needs for leveling your hormones in your system.
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy. This type of therapy involves injecting your body with testosterone in order to increase its presence in your body, hereby giving you balanced levels of hormones. The unfortunate thing with this type of treatment however is the fact that it requires you to have repeat sessions with testosterone treatment. It’s effective so long as you keep the treatments constant.

As you can see, testosterone treatment deals with direct and indirect treatment, ultimately to deal with the imbalance you’re experiencing with your system. Supplements are encouraged together with exercise in order to naturally boost hormone production. Click on the link to know more details.