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These days, hip hop stars are some the most well dressed people on the planet. One of the main reasons for this is money – you simply didn’t get paid as much for being a hip hop musician thirty years ago as you do now. Just look at the hip hop stars popular today. They’re draped in signature diamond jewellery pieces, they’re clad in snazzy designer suits and they know just how good they appear to the rest of us.

The 10 Best Dressed Men In Hip Hop

Here’s a guide to the 10 best dressed men in hip hop. Pick your favourite and see if you can steal their style.

Pharrell Williams

The release of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ has seen Pharrell Williams become one of the most recognisable faces in the world. He believes in dressing how you feel when you wake up in the morning. Well, Pharrell – that’s great and everything but most of us don’t wake up in the morning feeling quite as fresh as you do. He even has his own fashion line – Ice Cream Clothing. It specialises in printed tees, limited edition sneakers and snapback hats.

Jay Z 

Unlike a lot of other hip hop stars, Jay Z likes to keep things simple. It’s all about rocking the dark shades – black from head to toe. On stage he dons expensive designer suits, but on the street he sticks to printed tees and denim jeans. Jay Z is one of the mot conservative dressers in hip hop. He goes for quiet quality over anything ostentatious.

Kanye West

Kanye West is proud to call himself a fashion icon and it’s true that he does flaunt some daring looks. Men’s fashion magazine Style has a feature on the rapper’s daring choices, pointing out that he’s not afraid to rock white suits, pastel colours, the colour pink or even twee  jumpers. These days, he’s super keen on leather – regularly donning leather pants, jackets and even a leather kilt!

Snoop Dogg

It’s quite rare to catch Snoop in a tailored suit – he definitely prefers a more casual look. Cue bright sports jackets and printed tees. Snoop’s choices are a lot looser and have a lot more in common with ‘street’ style than those of many other hip hop stars. In many ways, he’s maintaining that cartoon-like look that prevailed in the early 80’s.

Sean Coombs

Sean Coombs loves an expensive designer suit. He’s regularly photographed wearing pinstripe suits, leather loafers, leather jackets and black crew neck sweaters – standard stuff. However, he’s also fond of a cardigan or two. This is a man who knows how to make the transition between smart and casual.

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is a man who knows how to look good. He tends to wear well fitting designer suits when out in public –always choosing flattering shades of grey, navy and black. His day to day attire is a little more informal. Foxx is a fan of slim fit jeans and tailored shirts. He’s also been seen out and about with a ‘man purse,’ which makes him one of the boldest men in Hollywood. If he can get away with it, we all can, says Cleo journalist Mel Evans.


Eminem hasn’t always been a style icon. In fact, his early looks were more than a little erratic. These days though, he rocks leather jackets with white tees and well fitting jeans when not performing. He still likes to hit the stage in unflattering trackies and vests, but offstage he’s a pretty natty dresser. He looks good in a suit too.

Tinie Tempah

To our very own hip hop style icon now – Tinie Tempah. Fashionistas are currently snapping up Tempah style patterned sweatshirts and beanie hats as fast they can get their mitts on them. Right now, he’s one of the most stylish musicians in the UK, says Fashion Beans journalist Matthew Burt.

Andre 3000

The zany singer from Outkast has a penchant for loud tailored suits. He’s regularly seen in bright green shirts, spotted bow ties, straw boater hats, yellow waistcoats and designer braces. Anybody bold enough to ape Andre’s style must have an awful lot of confidence.

Cee-Lo Green

Cee-Lo Green is the fashion equivalent of Marmite – you either love his wacky outfits or you desperately want to spit him out and erase him from your memory. He is a divisive one that Mr Green. However, he should be congratulated on his determination to wear exactly what he wants, when he wants. Isn’t that what hip hop is all about?

Author Bio : Sophie Wiggins is a fashion blogger and editor of a men’s fashion zine. She visits when she wants to find great deals on top of the range labels.  Sophie can be found sharing her passion for fashion on various sites around the internet.