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The 2012 Olympic Legacy

The Olympics is an amazing event. Not only do they inspire and create great awareness for various sports, but they also leave a legacy that will last forever.

This legacy is the one that gets people trying a new sport and getting more active than usual. It is a great thing to happen, especially when people take up the sport and really push to achieve results.

There are so many sports and activities available that can’t be found during a normal PE lesson, but the Olympics bring them to light. The variety that is on offer is staggering. An event such as Handball offers a great team based workout, but isn’t really considered a mainstream sport.

The after effects of the Olympics are fantastic for gyms and health clubs too. With health and fitness being at the forefront of everyone’s minds there will be an influx of people joining gyms with the view to getting in better shape. This kind of craze is one that benefits everyone, getting people up and active after work, whereas before they may have just gone to the pub to socialise, now they may do it over a game of basketball instead.

With people taking an interest in health and fitness, it also builds up knowledge. People learn how important it is to look after your diet as well as working out, or learn what they can squeeze into a tight schedule so they still get a workout in a day. This kind of knowledge is very important. It is the type that gets passed on to friends and kids for use in the future.  The importance of this knowledge is often overlooked. Especially in today’s society, where people are getting ‘fatter’ and there is a big push to try and get people working out more.

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The Olympics make health and fitness an unavoidable topic, meaning that a lot of people will look at themselves and think about what they can do to improve their health. It is recommended that everyone gets at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise, at least 5 days a week. That is an easily achievable goal, which is not met by a huge percentage of people. With this international event, the awareness is raised, and will be addressed by some, which is hugely positive.

Overall, the Olympics are a fantastic event. They offer a huge amount and bring together so many people. Seeing the best of the best compete against each other and push themselves to the very limits of human capabilities is hugely inspiring. If they can achieve that, then why can’t others? If you focus on what you are doing, educate yourself and follow dietary plans then you can achieve extraordinary results. If you don’t want that commitment, then a relaxing jog in the evening, or running on the Treadmills at the gym, will still see a vast improvement. The only thing that is guaranteed not to give results is doing nothing at all.

Written by Alex Wright, a fitness journalist for Health Clubs at Home; Suppliers of New & Used, Treadmills for Sale

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