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The A To Z Of Green Automotive Gifts

If you know someone who is into both their car and being environmentally-friendly, it can be hard to figure out what to get them for holidays. However, green merchandise is popular enough these days that there are some options. A lot of these gifts would also be suitable for someone who spends a lot of time in their vehicle (such as commuting) even if they aren’t particularly into cars.

Heated Travel Mug
Give the coffee and tea drinkers on your list one of these innovative travel mugs. There are a number of models, but most plug into your cigarette lighter. Some offer temperature gauges on the front so that users can target their perfect temperature. A USB port on certain models allows users to keep their drinks hot in the office, too.

Carbon Offset Credits
Get the diehard green people on your holiday list some of these. These credits are used to offset the greenhouse gases that driving a car or using conventionally-generated electricity generates. This is a popular thing for companies to do, but a lot of environmentally-oriented people also purchase offset credits whenever they can. The money goes to planting trees, recycling, or some other method of offsetting carbon emissions.

Tire Pressure Gauge
A car’s tire pressure affects both safety and fuel efficiency. The best way to make sure that a car is as safe and green as possible is to check the tire pressure regularly. In order to do this, a tire pressure gauge is needed. Like in many things, cheaper models are less accurate, but any gauge is better than none.

Solar Electronic Chargers
Many relatively small solar panel systems can charge your phone, tablet, or even laptop computer these days. One convenient option doubles as a carrying case for a tablet when it is not charging. Not only is this a convenient option for when there isn’t a nearby power outlet, but people can use the panels as alternatives to an electrical outlet in order to be green, too.

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Hand-Crank Flashlights
Having a flashlight in your car is a basic safety precaution. However, many people don’t check their flashlights often enough to prevent the batteries from dying. If it goes long enough, the batteries may not only be dead, but also have corroded the terminals so that even new batteries won’t solve the problem. A hand-crank flashlight doesn’t need batteries, is eco-friendly, and is more reliable for storing in your car than conventional options.

Green Spark Plugs
If you are fairly car-savvy, you could look into purchasing your gift recipient eco-friendly spark plugs for their vehicle. These spark plugs are supposed to increase fuel efficiency, which reduces carbon emissions. However, you’ll need to know what kind of spark plugs your gift recipient’s car needs and how to install them or else the gift quickly becomes a pain in the neck for you both.

Other Green Options
Don’t forget that there’s a whole world of green gifts out there that don’t have to do with cars. If your heavy car-user gift recipient travels a lot, perhaps eco-friendly travel supplies might be a good idea. Even an eco-friendly water bottle that fits into a car cup holder (most do not) can be a good idea if the gift recipient would use or appreciate it.

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