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The latest interest of gamers in the world of online gaming these days is the Voice over Internet Protocol. This system can be integrated into online games for a better in-game communication. This technology works by transmitting audio or voice via the Internet. With this, there are many Voice over IP programs that can be downloaded either for free or at an affordable price. This will then allow the players to communicate with fellow players using an in-game voice chat application.

If you are a fanatic of massively multiplayer online games then having a voice chat application into your system will surely give more than the optimal experience that you have wanted before. Most online gaming sites are also capable of having a voice chat app for the convenience of professional and noob gamers. You can play faster while telling your group specific instructions, strategies, and plans. With this application, you can experience playing on a higher level. You can play smarter and more convenient with a voice chat app in hand.


How can Gamers utilize this New Communication System?

For sure you have heard about the online PC game called Crossfire. This is a first person online PC game where two mercenary teams are fighting each other.  Now, if you are playing Crossfire without using a voice chat application and you are in a situation where you are still reloading your weapon and you saw a grenade tossed by the enemy, you will not be able to tell your teammate immediately. It would probably explode during or before you finish typing your message in the chat box. Because of this, your teammate dies because of this slow communication strategy. This is a good example how a voice chat application is very convenient and helpful when playing online games. You can easily call “Fire in the hole!” and make everyone in your team aware of it.

Voice chat application allows you to have the freedom to express your instructions or comments verbally to your fellow players without thinking about writing a message. In addition, if you want to talk trash to a certain player, typing it would not give that much impact to the player. However, using voice chat will give you the chance to talk easily to a certain player like it was said personally.

There are many free voice chat applications or downloadable voice over IP clients that you can use for your gaming experience. One of the leading VoIP clients these days is TeamSpeak. Here are some of the advantages that TeamSpeak offers:

  • High voice or audio chat quality.
  • Offer a wide variety of features that can give an optimal experience to the players.
  • Completely customizable since it allows you to create and host your own servers.
  • Perfectly free to download for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS users.

These are just some of the many benefits that TeamSpeak can offer. And these are the same reasons why Crossfire players use TeamSpeak. The features mentioned above can definitely make any gamer become interested in using these apps. And what makes it more amazing is that it is free or costs less to download. It will cost you nothing for downloading the server and client application.

These voice apps, however, are not only applicable for online multiplayer PC games. Voice over IP is also available for personal and business purposes, too. But because of the features aside from the conventional voice and video calls, the gaming industry took advantage and utilized these features for a better gaming experience. So for those online multiplayer game fanatics out there, if you want to experience the best online gaming in your life then you might want to consider getting a voice chat application into your system.