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Are you looking to upgrade your outdoor pool area with some much-needed accessibility improvements? Pool lifts are a great place to start – more inexpensive than the installation of a zero-depth entry and conserve much more room than ramps when it comes to smaller pools and spas. Pool lifts are a great place to start your search but be prepared for lots of careful planning. There are multiLift-with-model72dpithousands of pool lift configurations out there, and choosing the right one requires some research.

The first big decision you’ll have to make is the choice between portable or fixed. The portable option is alluring to renters, homeowners, business owners, and property managers alike but it still takes careful analysis of the situation to weigh the advantages against the disadvantages.

Storage and Seasonal Concerns

Portable pool lifts often come with a transport cart included, making daily or seasonal storage a breeze. They are also easier to take in for maintenance and service because they stow away so efficiently. These two factors are what contribute most to machine longevity – the stronger your preventative measures, the smoother and more reliable the operation.

This does mean that you’ll need a storage shed capable of holding the lift and the carrier. Most pool owners already have a storage shed like this, and such upgrades are relatively inexpensive. Some lift manufacturers may even be able to provide a weather cover to reduce the number of trips from storage shed and back.

Of course, it’s important to remember that permanent/fixed lifts often come with quick-release mechanisms that allow for seasonal storage. Most manufacturers include a cover for the anchor for seasonal protection.

Permanent lifts offer their own advantages – they are often lower in cost and have sturdy features suitable for near year-round use, like baked-on powder coating to protect the metal surfaces. Check out Ameriglide pool lifts for an example of a machine that offers the best of both worlds.

Operation and Convenience

Fixed and portable pool lifts rarely differ in terms of lifting power or ease of operation. Both types of lifts come in a range of weight limits, some with independent operation and some without. The real difference comes into play when you consider how the pool is used. Permanent lifts are great for year-round use. The models that come with key-operated controls add a layer of security.

A fixed lift is better for daily swimming but a portable lift is perfect for occasional use. A portable lift is preferable for families who only need the lift for special occasions, like playing host to visiting family members. Portable lifts are also preferable for hotel owners and apartment managers who would prefer the security of a pool shed for liability reasons.

Are you looking for the ready-to-use convenience of a fixed lift? Do you like the flexibility and adaptability of portable models? Take some time to demo a few machines at your local mobility supplies outlet – the right lift is well worth the research and ultimately well worth the investment.

Natalie Sage is a freelance article writer that blog contributor! Natalie focuses on medical, health and self-development related topics to help keep everyone focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.