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The Advantages Of Different Construction Materials

Whether you’re building a house, or commercial property, you have to decide on a construction material for your project. Choosing a material means finding one that fits into what you are doing with the building, the local construction conditions and your budget. There are pros and cons to every type of building material, but you have to choose the right one.  Wood, steel and concrete are the three most common building materials, and are usually used in every type of construction.

The Benefits of Steel

Steel is one of the sturdiest construction materials. You can use steel to build on unstable ground, to fortify concrete, and to create a structure that will last for potentially hundreds of years. Steel is an incredibly strong material, and with new technology, is often impervious to rust. However; steel is very heavy, and will often cost a great deal more than any other building material. Steel is the best material if you want to construct a tall building, (especially a garage, tall complex or building that will be supporting heavy weights (such as cars) on upper floors) but is one of the worst materials for your budget.

Concrete Is Strong & Durable
A popular building option since the early 1900’s, concrete is a sturdy material that can be shaped into nearly anything. Concrete is sturdy, slightly more affordable than steel and stronger than wood. However; concrete is heavy, can be difficult to pour and while being cheaper than steel, can require a great deal of time and money to build with correctly. Concrete also faces the disadvantages of allowing water and mould to build up underneath a building. Concrete is perfect for anyone who is looking for a very solid building but does not especially care how long the project takes to complete.

Wood Makes an Excellent Construction Material
Wood has been used for construction since the first buildings were ever erected. Wood is cheap, plentiful and easily replaceable. Wood is the most affordable material to build with, and can also be constructed the fastest. Wood is usually the best construction material for anyone, because when taken care of, sealed with waterproofing agents and occasionally treated for bugs, it can last hundreds of years!

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Wood is most appropriate as a building material for housing, churches, add-ons, porches and even commercial buildings. Building with wood usually means fast construction that can easily stay within a budget due to the relatively low cost of the materials. Wood is also a great choice for construction if you are environmentally conscious because it is a sustainable material.

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