The Auckland Guide

To include New Zealand’s North Island attractions, we will need to start right at the top of the island at one of the country’s most famous beaches. The majority of the things to do in the North Island are concentrated around the top half of the diamond-shaped island. If you are in the city looking for some lunch be sure to check out one of the many Delicious Pizza Stores in Papatoetoe, to have the best pizza of your life. Here are some of the things that you can enjoy in and around Auckland.

  • Dig your own Spa

Grab a spade and start digging your very own hot water pool in the sand. It is somewhat of a Kiwi institution. Located in the heart of Coromandel, not far from Cathedral Cove, Hot Water Beach has become one of the most popular attractions in all of New Zealand, both for locals as well as visitors! The beach is an awesome place to visit any time with family and friends, but 2 hours before and after high tide you’ll find families, couples and friends brandishing gardening tools as they head towards the beach. Soak in the warm waters and relax as you enjoy the stunningly beautiful scenery that surrounds you. Find your own West Auckland accommodation to stay close to nature.

  • Ride the Rere Rock Slide

The Rere Rock Slide was a much-loved attraction for years with Gisbornites. Many local families would regularly head to this remote rock slide brandishing body boards, lilos, or anything at all that makes a smooth ride, in order to slide down the 200m slippery surface. The very little-known attraction was recently brought forward into the spotlight when a drone video shot in the area went viral on the internet, causing an internet sensation. It is one of the best things to do in New Zealand for your young thrillseekers!

Few of the things no one told me about Auckland:

  • Auckland is a LOT bigger: Auckland is not just a small place. There’s south Auckland, East Auckland, West Auckland, Auckland City, North Shore and then some. Then amongst these regions are numerous districts and A LOT of suburbs which you wouldn’t know of until a job in journalism sent you out there. Google maps will be your best friend.
  • The food is fantastic: The food here is very good and high prices are to be expected in such an expensive city, but the hundreds of options of different cuisines and dishes are insane, including Mediterranean and Mexican. Looking for Pizza Home Delivery in Papatoetoe or are you keen for a simple Thai take out? Take your pick. Hungry but you can’t decide what to have? Have a quick browse through Ponsonby Central. Looking for fine wine and dine? Downtown should be on your list. I, myself being very impressed with almost every restaurant I’ve been to so far. Forget about the google reviews, it’s fun to try new places for yourself and experience something different.

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