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There are quite a few people who suffer with crooked teeth and these individuals can be adolescents and adults.  For those who are unhappy with their smiles and are looking at teeth straightening treatments, they should know they have two options, traditional metal braces and Invisalign treatments.

Traditional braces are metal wires and brackets place on the teeth.  There are adjustment features with these devices to ensure that the teeth are being moved into alignment.  Invisalign braces are custom made clear aligners worn to shift and align teeth.  A high tech computer program takes the information provided by the professional to set a treatment plan that will provide the same straight result.

There are quite a few differences between these two types of teeth straightening methods but the most noticeable, is the unnoticeable.  Traditional metal braces are very visible to everyone but the Invisalign braces are clear and go virtually undetected.  As traditional braces can effect one’s self esteem and confidence, the clear braces usually don’t have that affect since they’re not as noticable.

Traditional braces also make it difficult to eat certain foods.  The brackets and wires can often trap food and get food stuck to them.  This causes many individuals to change their diet in order to refrain from having such issues.  The clear braces are removable, making eating more enjoyable without having to change one’s diet.

Because traditional braces can trap foods, teeth cleaning can also be a chore.  Trying to remove plaque and food particles can be difficult, even for the most articulate brusher.  This can lead to other dental issues once the traditional braces are removed.  The clear braces on the other hand, since they are removable, allow for an improved teeth cleaning process.

Those who wear the traditional braces often have weekly dental visits to ensure their braces are in tact, adjustment and to ensure the treatment plan is on track.  The dentist also provides a report on how well the patient is cleaning their teeth.  An Invisalign wearer sees their dental professional about every two weeks.  This is also to make sure the treatment plan is on track and so that the patient can get a new set of aligners.

Another benefit to the Invisalign treatment is that patients can complete their teeth straightening sooner.  Most patients have a straighter smile in roughly 12 months.  It’s important to note that the dental professional will suggest that the clear aligners be worn at least 20 – 22 hours a day in order to stay on track with the treatment plan.

Not all dental professionals provide the clear braces.  In order to perform an Invisalign Orange County treatment, the professional must be certified in the treatment.  In order to get certified, the professional must undergo special training.  If the dentist isn’t certified in the clear braces treatment, seek one that is to ensure you get the proper treatment and best result possible.