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The inability to conceive a child is a common problem. More and more couples are seeking out an IVF clinic for treatment options to assist them in having a baby.

What Treatments are Offered?

The specific range of treatments offered can vary from one IVF clinic to another. Typically, these clinics focus on IVF or in vitro fertilization. This is an assisted method of reproduction in which the woman is given medication to stimulate egg production in the ovaries. Once excess eggs have been produced, they are harvested surgically. Sperm is taken from the man or a donor. This is combined in a lab with the eggs. The resulting embryos are from in a lab for several days before the most viable of these are implanted in the uterus of the woman. IVF generally offers an average success rate of thirty percent, this means that usually more than a single treatment cycle is needed. However, the procedure usually entails a pregnancy test being performed approximately a week after the implantation.

The Benefits Of IVF Clinic Treatments
What are the benefits of IVF Clinic Treatments?

IVF Clinic Treatments have a Number of benefits. These include:

•    IVF treatment can boost the likelihood of conception. Infertility has a number of underlying causes and IVF clinic specialist treatment can be beneficial in many cases. These include; blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm counts or cases of weak sperm mobility.

•    IVF treatments can use donor eggs or sperm in cases where there are issues with premature ovarian failure, sterile sperm or other infertility issues. Surrogate IVF makes use of donated eggs or sperm to create embryos for implantation either in a donor womb or directly into the uterus of the woman.

•    The IVF clinic can check the embryos and eggs for any form of genetic abnormalities. The chromosomes of the embryo can be tested by the medical team to determine if there are any issues before completing the IVF procedure.

The Factors which may Influence IVF Treatment:

In most cases age is the most major factor which affects the success of IVF treatment. Your IVF clinic may recommend choosing IVF treatment when you are in the age group of thirty five to forty. However, there have been cases of women older than this who have successfully conceived. Other factors which may affect the success of treatment include the overall health of the couple and any underlying medical issues. Generally, most couples will require more than one treatment cycle to successfully conceive. This can be an emotional roller coaster as the couple prepare for success or failure on each attempt. However, the IVF clinic will usually have an excellent support team to help couples cope with the outcome of each treatment cycle.

If you are concerned about your fertility or are struggling to conceive, you may need to consult an IVF clinic or specialist. Generally, couples are advised to try to conceive for a period of six months to a year before consulting a fertility expert. However, If you have underlying medical conditions, it is best not to delay.