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One of the very first benefits of cutting with lasers is that, since it eliminates the need for extra machining steps, the laser cutter can reduce manufacturing costs greatly. It also has certain advantages over plasma cutting as more precise cuts can be made and less energy can be used when cutting certain substrates. Also, as they get stronger, laser cutters are fast approaching the ability to cut through thick and durable material that previously only a  plasma cutters could cut.

When it comes to precision levels and edge quality the traditional cutting methods don’t hold a candle to laser cutting. For example, since there isn’t an actual blade there is no blade to wear out after many cuts and thus no blade that needs to be replaced. Extremely complex shapes can also be cut today using laser cutting machines and, since they can be guided by computer, there’s almost no need for tooling steps as they cut faster and more reliably. It is why companies such as Garcross have invested heavily in laser cutting technology

The simple fact is that today’s laser cutting machines are more powerful, more precise, use less energy and cut faster on most substrates than almost any other cutting technology, offering workplace advantages that include speedier delivery, reduced production and design costs and reduced maintenance and replacement parts. They also allow for the cutting of much smaller diameter holes with excellent edge quality.  Some other benefits they offer include;

  • Less dust formation
  • Extremely fine contour cuts
  • No delamination because they have a low thermal influence
  • The ability to cut various materials and thicknesses in 1 single operation
  • The capability to separate fitted printed boards
  • No material deformation
  • No protective cover needed
  • Incredibly high level of precision and accuracy.
  • Auto sealing of synthetic edges
  • Limited variability in outcome because the cutting ‘blade’ doesn’t wear out.
  • KISS cutting
  • The capacity to cut abrasive or difficult materials
  • Reduced waste
  • A large cut area and extremely fine detail all in 1 tool
Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting (Photo credit: Barnshaws)

Laser cutting machines are also dropping in price rapidly and growing in power also so that schools, small businesses and even hobbyists can purchase a laser cutting machine without busting their budgets.  They are safer, faster, easier to use and cost less to operate than many other types of cutting machines and don’t require nearly as much maintenance, thus saving the operator money.

All in all laser cutting machines are fast becoming the cutting tool of choice for manufacturers because of all the benefits that they provide the user and, because of these benefits,  their increase in usage is definitely on the rise.

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