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The Human Growth Hormone and Its Uses

HGH, is a hormone that is produced by the anterior pituitary gland that causes humans and animals to grow normally. It is used for medicinal and athletic purposes, some of which are not FDA-approved or illegal. Some of the non FDA-approved HGH supplements are legal but are not proven to work. HGH is often used as a stimulant for children or adults with growth disorders. It is used rarely in these situations and monitored very closely due to the risk factors and severe side effects. This article will provide all of the known uses of the human growth hormone; including legal, illegal, and non FDA-approved.

The Benefits Of The Human Growth Hormone

Growth Disorders

Growth disorders such as Prader-Willi Syndrome, Turner syndrome, and idiopathic short stature can be treated with the human growth hormone. It can be used on children either in the growth process who are suffering from debilitating growth disorders or adults who have fully completed the growth phase but are not grown the way they should be. It is normally done through injections (shots). These children are identifiable by their small stature and chubby body frame. Children who have been approved for growth hormone treatments usually receive injections daily, or three-six times per week. In about 3-4 months, growth should start to be present and obvious to both child and parents. This growth hormone therapy could continue for years or until the child’s pediatrician feels it is safe to stop.

Abused By Athletes

Many athletes abuse human growth hormones in conjunction with illegal steroids in order to build their bodies up and gain more strength. If abused on a regular basis, HGH can cause debilitating side effects like blurred vision, dizziness, debilitating headaches, and nervousness. Additionally, if the growth hormone is given to people who have no need for it (as in they do not have any growth hormone deficiencies), abnormal or severe growths of the organs can occur, as well as hardening of the arteries. HGH taken by itself is not illegal, but steroids are and many athletes think that taking HGH with their illegal steroids will increase muscle mass and possibly produce unwanted side effects.

Weight Loss (Dietary Supplement)

A study in 1990 done by the New England Journal of Medicine showed that injecting HGH was beneficial to weight loss. There was 8.8% of muscle mass and 14% in body fat. However in 2003, the same source publicly stated that these results did not mean injecting HGH will not necessarily guarantee weight loss. Many have still been majorly dwelling on HGH even though it still only works for certain people. For adults who were actually born with an HGH deficiency, it can do wonders by increasing bone and muscle mass as well as delivering weight loss. But for adults who are already obese it will not do much. That is because they do not have a human growth hormone deficiency and therefore have nothing to make up for. Most of the weight lost supplements advertised on the market today claim that they have natural minerals and ingredients that can produce HGH releases. They are not FDA approved, but people still widely depend on them.

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