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Last summer my wife and I bought our first home. It was an old fixer upper but we felt we could do a lot of things to it. Plus, it had a big back yard for your kids to play in.

The yard was in fact too big. We hate doing yard maintenance so we had to think of things we could do to shrink the backyard. There was an obvious choice and one that proved to be the best home addition we could think of.

What was this Idea?

It was building a sun deck in our backyard. The home we bought was built in the 1950’s and I guess they hated the sun back in those days because the idea of a sun deck wasn’t even considered.

Since we both love hosting people we felt that a sun deck would be a great idea. Since the home was built in the 1950’s, its layout was rather small and the very convoluted. This made it awkward hosting parties.

The Best Addition To A Home If You Host People

We needed some other area where we could host a many of our closest friends and family. That’s when it dawned on us that we could build a large sun deck and have parties outside.

But who was going to design and build our dream sun deck where we could host people? My wife knows that she married a man who lacks ability with tools. We did some searching around a found a general contractor who could create our deck for us.

We ended up hiring Toolbox Renovations and their sun deck builders in Victoria BC to handle the job. They did a wonderful job in creating and executing the design and theme we wanted too. Their communication was top notch and the total for the deck came in under the quote they gave us.

One of the best features of the sun deck is the heat lamps. See, it get’s pretty cold in the winters in Victoria BC but we still wanted t be able to BBQ and be on the deck in the winter months. Toolbox Renovations added heat lamps that connect to our natural gas line making it really easy to have heat instantly on the deck. They also connected the natural gas line to our BBQ which makes it really quick to warm up.

The next phase of our sun deck will be to add a hot tub just off the bottom of the steps. That would really make for some amazing winter nights being able to kick back and enjoy a warm tub.

If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to sun deck ideas, be sure to visit Toolbox Renovations deck builders Victoria BC page.