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If you love the sea like no other, and long for the endless horizon and the beautiful sound of waves rolling on to the sandy beach or crashing into rocks, then you must try to visit some of the best beach destinations India has to offer while staying away from your housing.


Every single beach in Karnataka can boast of exceptional congruity with lavish greenery. Some of its finest are the Mangalore shoreline, theDevbagh, the Murudeshwara, , the Gokarna, the Malpe, and the Kaup beaches. The Ullal Beach is a wonderful place, and the Mangalore and Gokarna beaches are the loveliest. Karnataka also offers places to stay for a vacation you can find houses for rent in Bangalore and other places which are easily accessible.


Gujarat has rundown of shorelines which are celebrated for their pristine white sand and beautiful blue ocean waters. A portion of the celebrated beaches that you can visit in Gujarat are: the ahmedpurmandvi, the chorwad, the gopnath, the madhavpur, the diu shoreline, and so forth. AhmedpurMandvi is among the nicest and most pristine shorelines in the state. The sand on this beach is wonderfully white and the water is simply ideal for swimming and for playing water sports in the sea. The shorelines at Daman and Diu are additionally a heaven for the people who cherish the placeful feeling of being amongst wind and water.

The Best Beach Destinations In India


Maharashtra is the state with the largest number of beaches in India, almost all of which are nothing short of heaven for every beach lover in the land. They are popular both in terms of swimming and as a great spot for engaging in water sports. Prominent beaches  of Maharashtra are the Juhu Beach, the ganapatipule Beach, the murudjanjira, the bassein, etc. The Konkan beaches of Maharashtra are the Diveagar, the Alibag, the Kihim, the Harihareshwar, the Kashid, and the Dapolibea     ches. The Kashid Beach is the most beautiful amongst them all, looking onto the Arabian Sea. These beaches are famous for their amazing beauty and serenity. It is one of the finest places you can visit if you are looking for a lovely beach holiday.


Goa is home to the most colourful beaches you can find in India. These shorelines are considered  to be some of the biggest tourist attractions in India. Goa is mainly loves for its extraordinary shorelines, heavenly foods and the freer, more laidback society, and the beautiful mixture of cultures it boasts of. Goa’s beaches are the finest for all sorts of water sports. You will always be under the careful supervision of capable coast guards while you playall kinds of water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling and more. A few of the most popular beaches of Goa aretheBagaBeach,theCalangute, the Condolim, the Majorda, and the Colvabeches. Calangute Beach is a standout amongst because it is a topless beach.


The beaches in Kerala are most likely the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The nicest ones are the Kovalam beach, the Poorvar beach, the Varkala beach, and the Beacon beach. They are celebrated for their appeal and peacefulness as well as  for their delightful foods. The beaches and the beautiful atmosphere of Kerala are ideal for any couples on holiday appreciate the romanticism of nature and its beauty. Kerala is famous for its astonishing backwaters, long and beautiful beaches, the tropical rainforests as well as the many wildlife sanctuaries.


The shorelines of lakshadweep are extremely popular among traveler for their topless beaches and amaxing natural beauty. The Lakshwadeep Islands are known to have coral reefs close by, and tidal ponds. It is also a popular spot for water sports.TheAgatti Island Beach is well known for its utterly untainted natural beauty. These shorelines are full of with several coconut  and palm trees, and it is nothing short of picturesque.

Andamans and Nicobar Islands

India’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands are known for ther intriguing, natural, and untainted beaches. The Radhnagar Beach,  theHarminder Bay Beach, the Ramnagar Beach, and the Karmatang Beach are among the most visited shorelines in Andaman Island. The Andamans Island are a standout amongst the most pleasant beaches in India.  It is perfect for taking a nice bath in the lovely ocean water and for basking in the sun. The primary fascination of the Radhanagar is its cool and pristine surroundings.


Tamilnadu is renowned for its blue shorelines and sunny skies. Some of its most pleasant shorelines are the Marina beach, the kanyakumari beach, the Mahabalipuram beach, and the Rameshwaram beach. The Marina beach of Tamil Nadu is the second longest shoreline on the planet. The Covelong Beach is extremely clean and very far from the bustling crowds of the cities. Aside, itadditionally offers a thickly forested untamed life for people to enjoy as well as several cultural places to visit.

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh has numerous outlandish Beaches on the Bay of Bengal shoreline. The unadulterated and pristine shorelines of Andhra are a perfect spot for excursions. The Bheemunipatnam Beach and The Manginapudi shoreline are thought to be some of the absolute best shorelines in Andhra. It is  likewise known for its many caves and other places of cultural and historical importance.


Orissa’s Beaches are popular for their brilliant sand and fine water. These wonderful beaches incorporatesPuri, Chandipur, Golpalpur, Talasari, and Balaramgadi.  Puri and Chandipur are some of the most popular destinations among tourists both local and foreign.