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New York City is a bustling metropolis that is home to over eight million people. Knowing where to shop can sometimes be overwhelming. These independently owned shops are diamonds in the midst of a mass of confusing options.

Word is an intimate bookshop in the heart of Brooklyn. This bookshop features a light, airy décor, and scattered cushions invite visitors to take some time to browse through the books. Word schedules an interesting variety of guest speakers, and numerous book clubs are available to join long term or for a single session. A larger percentage of the profits from book sales are donated to local charity organisations.

Art gallery and menswear store, Nepenthes, is a recent addition to the independent clothing scene in New York. Nepenthes features a variety of edgy menswear pieces created and produced in the store’s upper levels. Rotating art installations tie into the look of the garments. Nepenthes regularly hosts pop-up shops in their store space.

Shoe Market in Brooklyn carries a well-stocked line of moderately priced footwear. This is a very popular tourist destination for those in the know. The intimate shop is staffed by friendly, knowledgeable people who are passionate about shoes. The store hosts frequent trunk shows where designer shoes can be purchased at a significant discount.

Castor & Pollux is a womenswear shop that offers a feminine selection of premium garments. The clothing stocked at this shop is chic, yet casual. Breezy looks are inspired by comfort and fashion. A unique collection of quirky accessories is displayed and nicely compliments this clothing. The store offers a homey environment complete with resident canines.

Kee’s Chocolates is every chocolate lovers dream. Gourmet chocolates are handcrafted daily in-store by master chocolatier, Kee Ling Tong. Chocolate is an all-consuming passion at Kee’s and it is apparent in the details. The variety of flavours can be overwhelming to first time visitors.

MiN New York offers the type of shopping experience not readily available at most shops. This apothecary focuses on service and personal care. The shop is known for their custom perfumes sourced from the world’s finest ingredients. They also stock candles and grooming products.

Music lovers should make their way to The Village to visit Generation Records. This small independent shop carries a large selection of punk, hard metal and ska. Any time of the day music enthusiasts can be found browsing for hours through the seemingly endless supply of music.

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