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The Best Kitchen Redo’s

Nothing refreshes the look of a home better than a kitchen remodel. The kitchen has long been known as the one room in the house that everyone gathers in. I know in my house that is certainly true. For anyone who loves to cook, as I do, having a spacious, modern kitchen with everything at your fingertips is a blessing. It makes preparing all those big holiday meals a lot easier. But, your kitchen should also express your personality and be someplace you enjoy being in every single day.

For those of us who want to turn our current kitchens into something new and wonderful but are on a strict budget there are ways to do just that while keeping remodeling costs down. When it comes to renovating the kitchen many people want an updated look without breaking the bank. More and more households are budget conscious these days. And that by no means that you have to cut corners or skimp on a gorgeous kitchen!

Make It New and Shiny Once Again

A big trend in kitchen remodeling these days is the repairing of the appliances that are already in the home. Instead of spending part of your remodel budget replacing them, you can extend their life by maintaining and caring for them over the long term. This is appealing to most homeowners because if you are replacing your current cabinets you are probably planning on building them around the kitchen appliances that are already in your home.

To go along with this budget friendly trend, people are more focused on storage capabilities and functionality in the kitchen. Therefore they are steering away from elaborately decorated new cabinetry and opting for sleeker designs offering more usable space. A good example of this is to forego the highly decorative crown moldings and put that part of your kitchen remodel budget into the now popular roll-out trays and extra drawers.

Another great way to give your kitchen that much needed facelift is to exchange out all your cabinet hardware, faucets, and even just going with cabinet refacing. This will upgrade the look of your kitchen without causing your wallet to have a heart attack. There are so many money saving trends out there today. You are sure to find the ones that fit your needs.

Just a simple change of a table cloth on the kitchen table, or new, brightly colored cushions for the chairs can spruce up the oldest of kitchens. But, of course, if money is no object then your kitchen remodels can be limitless. Go crazy and replace everything! Like I said, there is nothing like changing the focal point of your home to make you feel like you’ve just moved into a brand new place.

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