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The Best Travel Technology to Take on Holiday

Going away on your family holidays is brilliant but what should I take with me? This is the eternal question we are all faced and I am sure that I am not the only person to spend hours in front of a half empty suitcase before I make my final decision, I faced this exact decision after booking my cruise from Southampton.

The good news now is that there is lots of different kinds of travel technology which can help me make smarter decisions. None of them are going to help me choose whether to take my white disco trousers and black shirt on holiday but they will help me in other areas which are almost as important.

The Right Apps

A smartphone can help you avoid taking a number of other objects with you. As well as the built in functions such as camera and music player you should also take some time to think about the apps you could download before you go away. The ones you choose really depends upon where you are going and what you plan to do. For example, when I went to Barcelona I went for a city guide, a Spanish guide, a Euro convertor, a map and a Barcelona food guide.  I still got lost but at least I managed to get back on track again pretty quickly and then get a good feed to get over the whole thing.

A Laser Keyboard

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A virtual Bluetooth keyboard might not be an essential gadget for many people but when it is this cool who cares? You can project it onto any flat surface and it will certainly turn heads when you start using it. This might suit bloggers or professional writers who want to work at a reasonable speed while they are travelling but for the rest of us it’s just something exciting to try out and then impress people with. Catherine Johnson a travel blogger on familycampingreviews.com has this to say “my bluetooth keyboard is the best gadget I have. Travelling across Europe with my family means I we don’t always travel light so gadgets like the laser keyboard are a god send.”

A Global Phone

I remember years ago asking for a phone which would work if I took it to South America. The shop assistant looked as me though I was crazy and then decided to ignore me. It turns out that I was just ahead of my time, as such things now exist. Now you can call (just about) anywhere in the world from (just about) anywhere else.

An Adaptor for Everywhere

Hey, I’ve got a great idea. Why don’t we make it so that different countries all use different types of plugs and voltages? That’ll confuse everyone. Well, it won’t confuse me anymore once I start to use this smart fellow who works in 150 countries and automatically works out what kind of voltage it is receiving. You can charge just about everything with it and I guess the only problem would be if you went to one of the few countries where it doesn’t work, but then they probably don’t have electricity there anyway.

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