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While card stock offers a more conventional choice of material, plastic cards have been recently catching up on popularity due to greater flexibility and durability compared to its traditional counterpart. Additionally, cards that contain sensitive information like ID’s, membership cards, and access cards could be installed with no trouble with safety features for more secure transactions.

While choosing plastic cards over card stock is one thing, choosing where to print them is another. Recently, online printing has been made readily available for the sake of convenience. Professional card printers offer multiple options for online card printing without scrimping on quality. Sure, a DIY plastic card might save a trip to the shop but professional quality products are best done with the experts. Also, special features such as magnetic stripes, signature panels, embossed letters, and barcodes need to be done at specialized shops.

Another advantage of having plastic card printing online is the availability of ready-made templates customers can choose from.  This ensures that the cards comply with international standards with regards to size and other technicalities. Design is an extremely important aspect of production and working with an experienced team makes sure that not only is the product itself made of quality material, but is also of aesthetic value. Colors, graphics, and layouts work best with certain finishes and it is thought best to consult with a design team that is knowledgeable about printing processes in order to maximize the product potential.

In addition, a hugely beneficial aspect of browsing online for card printing options is just that – the browsing itself. It is thoroughly convenient to have the luxury to choose from more than a few card options with one click. The handiness of being able research for design or pricing options on the side is also a plus for a few, given that it offers them the flexibility to stumble on design inspiration as well as canvas for the best prices available online all at the same time.

Not all transactions however, are over the internet. Nearly all companies offer plastic card samples that can be sent through the mail so you are guaranteed that the cards look good not only virtually but also in real life. With the uncertainty of online quality versus actual quality eliminated by the samples of the actual thing on your doorstep, you can be sure that online card printers indeed, do deliver quality.

Laura Brentley works as a marketing manager for, a New York-based online plastic card printing business. She’s also an enthusiast of web designs, graphic arts, printing technologies and photography. She spends most of her spare time at home doing wonders in the kitchen or just hanging out on the beach.