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Pub games have been a staple of British society for as far back as anyone can remember and with the new smoking laws stopping many people from heading down to their local on a winter’s day, many pubs are starting to place more importance on these games with the hopes of encouraging people to visit.  If you are looking for a social activity to take part in that is totally relaxed read on to see if any of the following interest you.  Most should be available at a public house near you.

The game of darts dates back hundreds of years and there is even evidence that King Henry VII used to play the game.  The early darts were much longer than what you see in use today with the game being mostly popular with those in the navy who used to throw darts onto ship masts.  It was in 1906 that the darts we now know and love were invented and whilst the game was originally banned in pubs due to it being thought of as a game of chance this all changed when a landlord challenged the ruling in court.  In 1957 the foundations for county darts were drawn up and most pubs in the UK now are part of a darts league whether local or nationwide.

Pool is a game that has numerous variations although one thing that most have in common is that it is a cue game played on a six hole table.  The game was originally played on a billiards table and dates back as far as the 15th century.  Back then the game was popular with the upper classes and aristocrats although now it is seen more as a working man’s game.  Pool began to really increase in popularity during the Second World War as a recreational activity amongst troops however it wasn’t really until the 80’s when the game became a pub favourite.

Skittles is an even older game than the two above and dates back to the 14th century.  Originally played in the yards of inns in England, the aim of the game is to throw wooden balls down a lane to try and knock over the skittles at the end.  Many people believe that the game was adapted from the German game called Kayles which was played in the 3rd century but involved bigger skittles.  Skittles isn’t as popular in pubs as pool or darts but you may still find some pubs, especially in the countryside, that are part of skittles leagues.

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