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2013 has been a year of mixes and matches, of bright colors and old trends in new styles, as far as fashion is concerned. May it be simple formal wear or the corporate wear, the sartorial choices have been common. However, prom is one of those occasions where you need to look simply pretty and girly.

The Hottest Prom Fashion Trends In News 2013

Prom Fashion of 2013

Bold colors like that of red have been ruling this years’ fashion till date. Other than the red, various jewel tones like that of ruby red, emerald green, gold and silver are still in. in the spring it was mainly the floral and fruity colors like those of the candy pinks, minty greens, lovely lilacs and more. Neon corals, light aqua, neon greens have been in vogue too. Research more to know more! Browse through online stores like that of dress first which has on offer numerous prom dress styles. You can also browse through the fashion magazines and put together a design for yourself. Short color block peplum dresses and tops are in vogue too.

Furthermore, it isn’t only about the dress. You will have to team it up with the right accessories and the right make-up to create that perfect look. Prom party is fun and so shopping and planning for it should be fun too. 2013 has seen extensive usage of color block heels and glitzy glam heels. Intricately designed earrings are still in and if you team one such pair with your dress, ditch the neckpiece. Staying simple and yet elegant is the trick.

The Hottest Prom Fashion Trends In News 2013

If you are going for a single and yet bold colored gown or long dress, do away with the accessories and more so if you opt for embellishments like those of the shoulder and neckline ones. Style your hair straight and get pointy high heeled pumps.

Whites and pastels are still in, but you will have to be hugely experimental with white. That is what most of the runaway celebrities have been doing this season. Carrying white gowns can be really tricky as it may make you look too very bridal. So, add zing and metallic accents to your dress like that of metallic neckline and belts or more.

Thigh high slits are in trend too. However, for that you will have to be in shape and you will need high level of confidence. Or else, it would be better to stick to the basic styles, with little experimental embellishments here and there. Sweetheart necklines have the power to flatter any type of figure. So, if you are game for this style, go for a single colored and yet lightly embellished dress with sweetheart neckline.

All over sequined dress but simple looks can be a hit too. Prom is that occasion where you can be experimental and bold. So, go for an all over sequin dress in either a metallic or a neutral shade.

Therefore, choose your style and start shopping for the perfect prom dress. You can buy a beautiful dress at cheap price from the online stores like that of dress first.