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Home is Where the Heart is

Home, apart from the workplace this is where many spend most of their time. Presumably, your home is designed and tailored to personal preference and every intricate detail has been well thought out and planned. What can be difficult though is personalising a wall, should we have pictures of loved ones there? Inspirational quotes or scenery?, or a well known pop star? These can be difficult questions to ask so here we take a look at some of the iconic images of Wall Art.

The Movie Star

Such iconic images of James Dean and Audrey Hepburn spring to mind.In a classic juxtaposition pose, both images can gracefully bring life to what was once a bare wall. Images such as this from the 1950’s and 60’s would complement a minimalistic style of decor where the designer has opted for the bare essential of items to complement the room.

Music on My Mind and Wall

A person’s music taste can give an excellent perspective into their personality. Ones music taste can determine what fashion they adorn, books they read and food they eat, so why should this stop here? Artists such as Elvis, The Beatles and The Clash have all stamped their place in history with iconic images which now are being developed in more creative ways than your average poster. Vinyl wall stickers have been designed of some of the most influential people in music and as they are vinyl can easily be removed without leaving any lasting residue you may find with other sticking products. Unlike posters and picture frames these leave no trace once removed, so if you decide to decorate or leave the property they can be taken down with no hassle.

An Artist’s Impression

What better way to impress friends by showing off your sophisticated side. More and more people are choosing to hang replica works of famous artists, past and present on their walls. Replicas of Banksy work are popular at present as his extensive collection contains both humorous and provocative images. Andy Warhol’s pop art images have been in vogue for some years now and show no sign of disappearing just yet. As Warhol’s pieces are bright in colour and dramatic in style, they can enlighten even the drabbest of rooms. It’s important to remember though, especially with replicas to accompany the image with a stylish frame that will blend well with the overall style of the property.

Natural Beauty

Coming home from work on dark, cold nights is a reality for many hence why people choose to brighten up their living quarters with exotic lands far away. Scenic coastal roads, sandy beaches and forests are all very much in trend at the moment and can compliment various styles of decor. Depending on colour schemes will determine which scenes of natural beauty are to be chosen and not forgetting your own preferences towards nature.

The End Product

First of all you should go with a wall image you like. Something that draws you in not only physically but emotionally. Once this has been achieved the rest will all fall into place.

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Lisa Kerman works in interiors, designing rooms for photo shoots for some of the high street’s best known names.